Pom-pom Judy Hopps Doll – Spotlight Zootopia Craft

Why is it that when a fella tells people that he is making pom-poms, other blokes get uncomfortable and question his manhood? When are people going to publicly admit that everyone, and I mean  EVERYONE, loves a good pom-pom? It's been a long time between dad-crafts but here I am, back with a cool Zootopia craft … Continue Reading ››

GIVEAWAY! – Take the family to Oz Comic-Con Melbourne

It's been a whole year since Little E and I had our epically fun day at Oz Comic-Con? Wow. Well I can guarantee you that we'll be there again this year but with Phenom-A-Mum and our new addition, Little L, as well. Revisit all of the crazy fun that my then-2-year-old had with … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Day Five

Family Home Holiday: Day Five.
After four days of running around on our family home holiday; visiting family, going to the beach and spending money at the toyshop, we really needed some home time, the kids were getting  tired, I had turned into Hulk dad - do you know what I mean, when  the littlest of … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Day Four

Family Home Holiday: Day Four
After reading today's headline of an Australian family on holidays having a horror car accident - really was an accident as their tire popped they hit the barrier and flipped into oncoming traffic. I thought I should post day four of our family home holiday about something that annoyed me on our … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Day Three

Family Home Holiday: Day Three
So far our Family Home Holiday has been pretty good. A trip to the  country to spend some time with family; even had a good day at the beach - no thanks to some bad weather. Day three is something wonder-wife and I had spoken about doing for some time now with the kids, ever since they got some money … Continue Reading ››

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