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10 Lessons From Playing Mario With My Kids

We here at BKLK completely understood why Alex from chose to shut down his dad blog, but that didn't stop us from lamenting the loss.
Luckily Alex has scribed a spectacular guest post for you to read right here!
I’m a Nintendo Geek. Always have been, always will be. While other people are counting their head-shots … Continue Reading ››

Before Your Son Becomes A Man – 5 Simple Steps For Dads To Guide Their Sons To A Bright Future

Guest Post By Drew Read, COO Paul Anderson Youth Home
Phrases like “should have,” “would have,” “could have…” are heard frequently among parents. Retrospectively, there are always things that could have been done a little bit better. We should have let them watch two hours fewer of TV yesterday. We shouldn’t have let him stay home … Continue Reading ››