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Whatchu’ Talkin’ Bout?: Awareness (or lack of)

As parents, one of the main duties is to ensure our little dudes and dudettes are aware of the world around them; the beauty, the dangers and all the tricky bits in between (as if I’m an expert!). As soon as they’re old enough to start crawling around, touching and usually breaking everything in sight, … Continue Reading ››

Whatchu’ Talkin’ Bout?: Gender Perceptions and Differences (According to small people)

From pretty early on, the little peeps have picked up on the differences between how wifey and I both operate when it comes to do with most things, including the household and how we go about parenting them, with sometimes fairly different styles. I’m usually the mean “NO” guy around the house, so they would … Continue Reading ››

Art Red Hill Exhibition, May 1-3 2015 – Dad Day Out review

Let’s be honest, if any of my friends asked me if I was watching the Collingwood game tonight, and I said, “No, I’m going to the opening night of an art exhibition instead”, they would be scratching their heads wondering why I’ve fallen down the arty-farty tunnel or they’d be telling me to go and … Continue Reading ››