Awesome Dad Challenge

We know that all dads can be Great Dads. And it only takes a tiny extra effort to become an Awesome Dad!

Big Kid Little Kid is setting you a challenge

Once a month do something out of the ordinary routine with your kids. Something different, something bigger, something fun for Dad as well as the kids!

Then we want you to tell us about it!
Share it on our Facebook page
Let us know about it on Twitter: @bigkidlittlek
Send us a photo on Instagram (#AwesomeDadChallenge)

Or, best yet, write about it. We can share your Awesome Dad-ness with everyone else on a Big Kid Little Kid guest post.

Big Kid Little Kid is a place where you can find inspiration and ideas from Dads who share your interests. No matter who you are, there’s something here for you and your Little Kids.

Big Kid Little Kid: because all dads are Awesome Dads.

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David Hawkins

Half nerd, all Dad & Founder of Big Kid Little Kid, the go-to blog for Awesome Dads. David is on a personal mission to become a more awesome dad to his two sons and teach them all the facets of being a major nerd. NES-off anybody?

because all dads are Awesome Dad

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