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Everyone says that having a kid is an adventure. What about when you have THREE?

Family Home Holiday: Day Five

Family Home Holiday: Day Five.
After four days of running around on our family home holiday; visiting family, going to the beach and spending money at the toyshop, we really needed some home time, the kids were getting  tired, I had turned into Hulk dad - do you know what I mean, when  the littlest of … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Day Four

Family Home Holiday: Day Four
After reading today's headline of an Australian family on holidays having a horror car accident - really was an accident as their tire popped they hit the barrier and flipped into oncoming traffic. I thought I should post day four of our family home holiday about something that annoyed me on our … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Day Three

Family Home Holiday: Day Three
So far our Family Home Holiday has been pretty good. A trip to the  country to spend some time with family; even had a good day at the beach - no thanks to some bad weather. Day three is something wonder-wife and I had spoken about doing for some time now with the kids, ever since they got some money … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Day one

Family home holiday: Day one:
So day one of our holiday and it's not really what we had originally planned for our family home holiday.  It started with an "everyday" activity, taking the boys to swimming lessons; then out to country Victoria for lunch in a town called Garfield, meeting the interstate … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Prep Time

Twas the night before family home holiday, when all though the house, nothing stirred not even a mouse (Miss S). Wonder-wife and I were watching a recording on T.V. about families slowing down. As I was busy making our "to do" list, (a "How to cram as much stuff into one day" if I may). Whatever you call it, the irony … Continue Reading ››