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5 Benefits of Brain Training with Children

Guest post via prWorks.
Congratulations! You and your partner have created a tiny miracle also known as a mini-me. Now what? While there are literally millions of sources for advice on how to bring up this little human, it’s confusing, contradictory and most of it leaves new parents feeling woefully inadequate. Relax, most parts of the … Continue Reading ››

Vi-Dad-eo: On Dads & fitness (aka. Couch Potato Dad Goes to the Gym)

It's vi-dad-eo number two. I bet you thought I'd forget and you'd never have to struggle through my audio/visual diatribe ever again. Ha ha ha! [insert evil cackle here] Nope, I'm back with a sweaty video version this time, direct from the local gym and home to my pain. Am I the only dad who is … Continue Reading ››

The Real Truth Behind ABC4Kids Shows

There are many things that I knew would change when I became a father; I'd wipe up someone else's poo & spew, never sleep-in again and become one of those annoying people who only talks about their kids. But I never expected that a side-effect of parenting would be replacing important information in my memory (such … Continue Reading ››