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Men are the worst at visiting the doctor and checking out health. But as dads, we need to make sure that we’re sticking around to raise our family. Check here for tips and advice galore.

Dad VS That Sugar Film – How I Will Be Cheating as I Quit Sugar

Thanks to the likes of Damon Gameau, with his That Sugar Film, and Sarah Wilson's money-making extravaganza, I Quit Sugar, everyone is riding a float in the totally anti-sugar parade. And so am I it would seem, what with the fact that I and a group of other Awesome Food Fighters will begin quitting our … Continue Reading ››

Dad Vs That Sugar Film – Want To Give Up Sugar With Me?

A while ago I had the pleasure of filming a couple of segments for the hugely popular That Sugar Film.  In particular, I filmed the experts delivering their medical findings to Damon Gameau and revealing what had happened to his body in the few months that he had been eating less sugar than I do (a lot … Continue Reading ››

A New Year’s Resolution For Every Dad – See Your Doctor, Get A Check Up

In celebration of Men's Health Week we're reposting this great kick-in-the-butt article to get all Dads to get a check up: [this post was originally published on 01/01/2015]
I'm a guy. I don't like visiting the doctor, mostly because it's a waste of time and money. I've got an awesome man-body which can heal anything, and I'm … Continue Reading ››

Is Beetroot the New Cure For High Blood Pressure? – Dad Day In review

This is not a sponsored post, however Beet It provided BKLK with 2 x 70ml bottles of product to dad-test.
So, in case you missed my New Year's Resolution post, I was diagnosed with almost-hypertension late last year. For those of you not in the know (aka. Me) hypertension is the fancy medical term for dangerously … Continue Reading ››