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Guide For New Dads: One Man’s Experience of Childbirth – Labour & Caesarian

There are a million Mum blogs out there that share intricate, often testicle-shrinkingly graphic, stories of giving birth but these are from the ladies' point of view. What about us blokes? Where do we turn to find out what to expect when our partners are struggling through labour? I'm here for you lads. This is one dad's … Continue Reading ››

Guide For New Dads: Boobs, boobs & more boobs (aka. some breastfeeding truths for men)

What's the worst thing about becoming a dad? You lose all access to your partner's amazeballs boobs for months! It's like you're being punished for impregnating them and all you can do is sit at a distance and be teased as someone else gets to suck on the boobies that used to be your fun … Continue Reading ››