Family home holiday day two

Family Home Holiday: Day two

Family home holiday: Day two

On the morning of Day 2, I referred to “the list” of what we were going to be doing every moment of every second of every day (see Prep time) – well ok it was not so intense as all that; “the list” it was meant to be a guiding force to help do as much as we could in what little time we had on our family home holiday. The one thing that you can never plan for is Melbourne’s weather. So like scheduling a film shoot – I do miss those days sometimes; you put weather dependant days at the start and bump them if the weather is not playing along.

After Pancakes for breakfast – what better way to start holidays then Pancakes, right? Even though I had scheduled an aquarium visit, the sun was out, so we made it a beach day instead.


We have not been to the beach that much really since before Miss S was a baby (took her twice before her hospital stays). Why have we not been back? numerous reasons…  wanting to control her environment so she didn’t sick and then in turn miss her operation date? … Or was it just getting to hard to do simple things with three under five? Whatever the reason, we were determined to get to the beach this holiday, and the weather forecast was not good for the rest of the week.

Who gets your things together when you are going out of the house with your kids?


Once again, my prep skills were not up to scratch as wonder-wife got everything you need for a beach visit: towels, water, food, sunscreen, buckets and spades. What was left for me to do? I know play games on my phone… What? No! I need to get the kids clothed and into the car (oh yeah the kids). Once everything was loaded – kids included, we started for the beach. Its about 30 mins drive to the closest beach, 45 mins to a nicer one. As we drove it started to get cloudy. The further we went the cloudier and colder it became. By the time we got to the beach it was over cast and cold, there was no one on the beach – Awesome we had the beach all to ourselves.

We looked like overseas tourists, going to the beach even though it wasn’t hot, at least we were fully clothed.

We so could have given up and just gone to the aquarium, but we decided to tuff it out – that and the fact we called friends who lived near the beach, were meeting us there and had walked 25mins to do so. The boys loved being on the sand, miss S not so much. Something that surprised me was a game the boys “played” with each other, I’m going to call it “Throw sand at you. Game.” I don’t think any of them liked it once the sand came their way. We let the kids dig and play, which as most parents would tell you, does not lasts long enough. They soon wanted to go in the water, I did a quick toe test for them… ARRRGH that water was so cold I think I’m sterile now as the boys shrank and froze instantly.

“No boys, the water is too cold for swimming. You really don’t want to go in. What? Dip your toes in like me? It’s really cold. Ok, but you have been warned.” I tried to warn them but Mr F took the challenge and ran into the water, screamed “It’s Cold!” ran straight out again –  you would think this would stop another 4 year old from do the same thing but no, in went his mate and out he came the same way. Then they thought it was funny so they did it again a few times.


Instead of being in the water on a hot day, we spent most of the time just playing on the sand “building” sand castles – very loose term sand castles not like these ones, digging big holes in the sand. Just plan getting sand everywhere, even as the clouds kept coming in and it was getting colder and windier we stuck it out a little longer.

The fact that we all had jackets on to keep us warm said it all really. I know that the boys were having a blast but we needed to get everyone warm as it had really turned by this stage into a cold windy day. Sometimes you just have to stick to your guns and do what you say you are going to do. The boys did ask when we were going back to the beach in the car on the way home, so I guess it was not a total waste of a day, as they enjoyed their time there.

Till next time

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Have you had a day trip planned that just went, sour? Let us know.
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