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Family Home Holiday: Prep Time

Twas the night before family home holiday, when all though the house, nothing stirred not even a mouse (Miss S). Wonder-wife and I were watching a recording on T.V. about families slowing down. As I was busy making our “to do” list, (a “How to cram as much stuff into one day” if I may). Whatever you call it, the irony was not lost on me, doing a list especially while watching a show about slowing down. I mean I am a little bit more  “We’ll just see where the days take us.” attitude, wonder-wife is a bit more of a planner. The week was filled faster then I could say “What are we going to do on his day?” This was my family home holiday: prep time.

I couldn’t type it as fast as the the list of things was mentioned, but not only had we filled every morning and afternoon we over filled it! I needed to talk to wonder-wife about what we are going to leave out. Obviously we were going to be very busy over the next week, even taking a lot of things off our list. What is the most important with a family holiday then doing the things that want to do, right?

The boys wanted to:
Go to a zoo
Visit the beach
Get to a farm
The aquarium
Play in the park

Wonder-wife and I wanted:
A fancy lunch
A sleep in
Some time in the garden
Visit the gallery
Visit the CBD
A day trip in the car somewhere
Home HOliday Prep DayAs its a family home holiday the kids can still do the fun day-to-day activities, music and swimming but no day care for them and no work for me.

So how do you choose what your kids will like better. A trip to the zoo or to the aquarium or to a petting farm?

I think you kind of get the picture here. Anyway this is the start of my family home holiday week.

Till next time.

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  • I love that you do home holiday stuff. Gotta make these times special! I think you put it to the kids – what would they enjoy the most? Maybe just block out a certain time for it and see how you’re all feeling on the day :)

    • Demos Karkazis

      Yeah you sure do have to make them as special as you can. They are over all to soon. Yeah did that just had one thing on the day the rest free time.