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PlayFest – Great family day out for Saturday 22nd November 2014 – Dad Day Out review: Melbourne

Thanks to the always spectacular Always Josefa, and the wonderful team at PlayFest, Little E and I won free tickets to this “Big Day Out” for kids today (Friday 21st Nov 2014).

I’ll keep this simple so that you can pop on over to their site and buy tickets for tomorrow… it was REALLY AWESOME!

If you want something brilliant to do with the kids this weekend, then I highly and hurriedly recommend PlayFest for non-stop entertainment.

Tomorrow is the last day of PlayFest for 2014 (Saturday 22nd November), so click here to buy your tickets! 

[This is not a sponsored post. Little E and I had a great time and we don’t want anyone to miss out, and have to wait 12 months until the next fest.]

BKLK_38_Playfest Melbourne 2014_Little E high five Peter Rabbit_costume_performer actor_kids fun_real life Beatrix Potter

There are 3 performance stages, a storytelling tent, smash and bang music corner, Lego construction Brickfest, Silent Disco, Sports fun stand and a chill-out IKEA Little Play Zone for the under 3’s.

Essentially there is more going on than you can possibly get to.

The Main Stage is non-stop kid-ertainment. The fun sing-song acts echo around the whole venue. As today was more of a toddler day, we had Abi Tucker and Alex Papps, of Play School renown, hosting a range of colourful, ever-enthusiastic, and musically impressive groups. Every time I turned my back, Little E would make a mad dash to get back to the Main Stage.

BKLK_38_Playfest Melbourne 2014_Cabaret BigTop_circus tent stage performance music musicians_kids entertainers_toddlers children girl boy dance dancing singing

The two smaller stages are more intimate and allow some brilliant audience participation with action-based songs and even some prizes given out.

The Yamaha Music Corner has professional guitars, keyboards and drum sets just waiting for tiny hands to go crazy with. Little E went nuts bashing his drum set even began this funny duet-ish approach with another kid, on another drum set. One of them would bash away and then throw it over to the other kid. Literally. With a big arm flourish. Where do 2 year olds learn this stuff?

BKLK_38_Playfest Melbourne 2014_Little E playing drum kit_Yamaha_electronic synthesizer_ban toddler kid child girl boy play musical instrument_Yamaha Music Corner

All of the other activity points are cool, but I have to tell you about the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! Colin Lane (from the ex-comedy duo Lano & Woodley) reading the Gruffalo. To toddlers.


BKLK_38_Playfest Melbourne 2014_Colin Lane reading The Gruffallo, The Stick Man, & We're Going On A Bear Hunt books to toddlers kids children storytime_Lano & Woodley_comedy_hilarious_parents loved it

Colin was not only hilarious, but he learned the kids names and interacted with them as he read, for half an hour. He even asked Little E to sit in the chair beside him and join in the storytelling.

BKLK_38_Playfest Melbourne 2014_Colin Lane and Little E reading The Stick Man childrens book together on stage_The Gruffallo_We're Going On A Bear Hunt_storytime_Lano & Woodley_interactive_hilarious funny humour

I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in forever.
A BIG THANK YOU to Colin Lane for being the world’s greatest/ funniest/ most-hilarious-asides-ist storyteller Melbourne has ever seen!

I’ll stop typing now, or this post won’t go up until midnight. If you are in Melbourne and don’t have plans for tomorrow (Sat 22nd Nov) seriously check out PlayFest.

We thought it was awesome!

What celebrity storytellers have you taken your kids to see? What crazy shenanigans happened?

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