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Family Home Holiday: Day Five

Family Home Holiday: Day Five.

After four days of running around on our family home holiday; visiting family, going to the beach and spending money at the toyshop, we really needed some home time, the kids were getting  tired, I had turned into Hulk dad – do you know what I mean, when  the littlest of things make you want to SMASH; that’s when I knew I needed to catch up on some sleep. I needed a “sleep in.”

What is a sleep in when you have children?

We told the kids (boys) not to wake us in the morning if they get up before us – Who am I kidding “if”? When they wake before us. I heard Mr F and Mr A earlier than normal being “quiet.” That’s quite as an elephant stampeding down the corridor. I never quite know if it’s the noise from the boys that wakes miss S or of if she is awake and just waiting to hear noises before calling to be let out of bed – thank goodness she has not figured out that she can climb over the side of her cot yet, as that is a whole another issues to deal with.

So after a quick nappy change for miss S I climbed back into bed, knowing that it would be a short-lived rest. I don’t know how long I lay there as I drifted back into a dream, but after what I can honestly say felt like an eternity Mr F came in and asked or was it told me something – I really don’t know what he said I was back asleep. I think he said/asked, “Can I take all the open the books?” I was very confused still in the dream – this one was I was out with wonder-wife and we didn’t have to worry about the children even though they were with us, I tried to ask he “What do you mean?” which I’m sure sounded more like Jabba the Hut talking. He asked again, and I knew the sleep in was over, however, longer than I expected it to be. I told wonder-wife to stay in bed, she didn’t put up a fight, in fact, I could see her trying ever so hard to stay asleep, did she not hear any of that?

Mr F had long gone back to whatever it was they were up to before I even got out of bed. I have to say it was quiet, very quiet, and as any parent will tell you that can mean only one thing, trouble!

As I was walking down the corridor to the lounge I should have guessed something was up.

You may have read my posted on Mr A and his “messy” playing. Well I’m not saying that this was the same thing, was this a mess that I found? OK, yes it was a mess but what an organised mess at that.

Wakeup-to-DVD-OCDYou know how I said I was Hulk Dad because I was tired? Due to explode at the smallest of things. I have to admit that I took one look at the mess of all the DVDs spread across the floor, and I must have been in a Bruce Banner moment because I took it pretty well, if I say so myself. In fact, I took a photo of what I found as I thought that was pretty neat arranging. The day before I would have been all about tidying up the mess but I think I was more impressed that they had sort of kept things in an order, except the top right of the photo which I saw later was Miss S contribution to the “mess.”

I figured out that Mr F wanted to know if he could take out all the paperwork/ booklets that come with the DVD’s and lay them out as well, but I had to decline and ask if they could let me tidy up as it was now breakfast time and we might even go to a petting farm seeing as  they let us sleep in, but that is another story.

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