Family Home Holiday

Family Home Holiday: Day Four

Family Home Holiday: Day Four

After reading today’s headline of an Australian family on holidays having a horror car accident – really was an accident as their tire popped they hit the barrier and flipped into oncoming traffic. I thought I should post day four of our family home holiday about something that annoyed me on our holiday, bad drivers. We had to sort out some insurance stuff from when we were burgled and also go to the rego office, with the kids – Eeeeck. I’m  won’t bore you with the details about that, but I will talk about BAD DRIVERS!!!

With so many loved ones being lost on the roads each year, I can, unfortunately, understand why after spending more time than usual on the roads. When driving to the country I had an hour drive either way via the freeway, most of it was good, but there will always be idiots on the road. What do I mean by idiots? Bad drivers who really should not be allowed on the road.

It’s a busy freeway with lots of trucks and cars, a caravan or two as this is road takes you to a lot of holiday destinations South East country Victoria, so retired baby boomers going for a road trip around Australia, weekenders and so on. There were a few things that really got under my skin about this trip.

Mario Kart in real life_go kart nintendo on street_mario & Luigi costumeRight, lane drivers that are not overtaking – Australia and the UK overtaking lanes. I get sometimes you get stuck next to a car that has joined the road from an on ramp or something. I’m not talking about them, I’m talking about the people who will pull out and they are not doing the speed limit but almost the speed limit, so they technically are overtaking but ever so slooooooooowly, in essence creating a barrier that you can not pass. Sometimes, I don’t mind as the person has moved into the lane well before you are near them and are well into the overtake, but some people, decide to pull out as if you are driving 60Km/h not leaving a huge amount of space between you and them as they do – I wonder if this those new mirrors that make things seem further away or do they just not understand that you are doing 100Km/h

Speeding cars, and I mean crazy speeding cars. Cars that are going so fast they should either have flashing lights and a siren going to save someone’s life; or be on a racing track. They come on long straights normally I have seen them also every time I travel on the freeway – or should I say I’ve seen the blur of them as they pass, Worst is when they suddenly are there closer than what should be possible. Once or twice I have had seen them coming as I have moved to overtake someone, and I pulled out of the overtaking lane only moments before a blur of a car flys past and is gone just as quick almost like I imaged the whole thing. It’s Scary, we don’t live in Germany and this isn’t the autobahn, so SLOW DOWN – Oh I sound like a cranky old man, wait I am a cranky old man.

back-to-the-future-delorean-flames-fireThe stuck in overtake lane, even though having finished overtaking and there is no car for 20 or 30 car lengths in front, but they think they should stay here in case they need to overtake again. What they don’t want to change lanes too much, too much effort?  Sometimes being a little lazy or sometimes if there is another car up ahead and all you want to just overtake it before pulling back in – I know how that feels and I bet you blokes do to as well as some of you ladies too. Seriously, just move over you never know when one of those nuts speeding at what can only be described as trying to drive as fast as a transporter off Star Trek.

I don’t need to indicate I’m telepathic.

Not going to indicate driver, because I believe they believe they are telepathic and can tell cars that they are changing lanes or going to turn or better still coming out from that parallel parking spot right in front of your car or cross one lane right in front of you but they don’t need to use indicators, maybe they just like the way you look in their rear view mirror.

That’s right, there are other drivers on the road and just because you might not be on holidays or don’t care about your life or others, I do and I’m sure most other people do too.

Bad Drivers

So be safe, don’t be an idiot. Slow down if you are going to fast, get out of the overtaking lane when its safe and use your indicators, please!

Till next time


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  • My husband used to be a right lane driver. It used to pain me to no end! My nagging fixed the problem though. 😉

    • Demos Karkazis

      Karin, that is so funny, because I know that when wonder-wife “nags” at me it slowly turns into my idea :) Thanks for reading