Family Home Holiday: Day Three

Family Home Holiday: Day Three

So far our Family Home Holiday has been pretty good. A trip to the  country to spend some time with family; even had a good day at the beach – no thanks to some bad weather. Day three is something wonder-wife and I had spoken about doing for some time now with the kids, ever since they got some money from their Yiayia and Papou (grandparents in Greek). We spoke of taking them to a toy shop and choose their own toy. Wonder-wife had heard of a toy shop that was meant to be really good, although be it a little out of our way.

Each child was told that they could choose one toy, and they could pay for it with their money that they had been given – we would cover any difference, but to make them feel like they bought it they would never know. It took a little while to get to the toy shop as it was in an area of town we don’t know that well. I wanted more food, I’m pretty sure I had a larger portion of breakfast than what I  normally eat.

Lucky there was a cafe near the toyshop, I really liked the look of it, it could have been somewhere in Paris – I guess that is why I liked it so much. It was more a patisserie then cafe so the “food” was more cakes and sweets, so I decided to go in. The boys saw some gingerbread men and asked if they could have one – my boys seem to love gingerbread, some slice of something for Wonder-wife and Me – and no Dave I am not quitting sugar before you ask me, again.

Do you find you are more forgetful of eating well on a holiday?

I didn’t think much of the over packaging at first when we grabbed the gingerbread men, but they were in plastic and had cardboard behind it. I realised once we opened the bag it was a colouring board so the kids are occupied as we adults drank our drinks eat a little bit of heaven – yes, sugar covered vanilla flavoured custard slice YUM – sorry sweet tooth here was in food heaven forgot to take a photo before I ate it all up.Toy-Shop-day-CafeWe got to the toy shop, it was a small store, which I didn’t mind at all. They had a good range or things, for babies to teens, and dress up and clothes section at the back too. Mr F kept saying, “I want to buy this. Wait, no this.” Never really choosing one thing just seeing more and more toys that he wanted. Miss S had found a little bird toy that she seemed to love. Mr A was happy as he had found something that made a lot of noise, and could bang.

Anyway after about 10 mins of the kids all just trying to grab and look at everything, Mr F spotted – what I had seen almost as soon as we had walked in, a big and I mean BIG firetruck with a ladder and lights and all. The detail was quite impressive and its size was too. I glanced at the price… it was way too much; problem one, my boys are, well boys and something nice like that are not going to last long. The ladder had fine details and they would get into an argument and something would break then there would be tears, you get the picture. The second problem it was four times as much as they had to spend, so Wonder-wife and I started to look for a substitute.


“How about this one?” Or “Look, at this thing over there” Or “What do you think of this?”

Finally, after a lot of work and trial and error, even when we tried to reason  with them – how do you reason with an almost 3-year-old and 4-year-old? We manage to persuade the boys that a dump truck was the better choose a little bit over the price range and seemed a bit more sturdy. Needless to say, take a kid to a toy story and expecting them to be like; “Oh how nice, I would like one of these, please.” Is never going to happen, but we did come out with a dump truck, a plane and explorer set so great success.

Taking all three kids back home so they could play with their new toys for the rest of the day. Only to find that the as always toys kept them happy for around about, 15 mins at home. So I don’t know about you but filling in half a day to buy a toy that got used for about 15 mins… just does not seem right.

Till next time.

Dad +Three

What toy does your kid play with for ages?
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