Five reasons to hate Peppa Pig.

When talking about a cartoon show using the word hate seems a little, childish/harsh. The fact of the matter is the more I look into the show the more I find it really irritating. So here are my top five reasons to hate Peppa Pig, as a Dad.

5) Manners. The lack of them to be more correct, Wonder-wife and I try to instill good manners in our children. I would ask just for the basic “Please” and “Thank you” without having to ask or knowing when to use it. It is hard to when this show is not about using manners

Peppa Pig “Daddy Daddy. I want this…(insert what ever today’s episode theme)”
Daddy Pig “Hmmm… I don’t know Pe..”
Peppa Pig interrupting “Pleeeeeeease.”
Daddy “Oh, alright then, here you go.”

Hey kids only use your manners when you don’t get what you want straight away.

4) Sexist. Not just normal sexist but massive Daddy bashing. Dad pig is an expert at being… well an idiot most of the time according to the show. He is down right hopeless at well most things. He can’t find the engine in the campervan to put the oil in; forgets the picnic baskets, can’t read maps…. the list goes on. Daddy  Pig is portrayed as being well hopeless. I know as dads we can cop lots of flack for not being on top of everything, and for being silly – lets face it what is the point of being serious all the time. The issue I have is that Daddy pig may as well not be there some times as he forget things, stuffs things up, patronized if he gets something right, and heaven forbid if he ever utters the words don’t worry I’m an expert… He is going to fail.

3) Peppa is spoiled. She always gets her own way. When deciding on where to go on there holiday, Mummy pig give three options, Daddy likes Potatoland but Peppa want to go to DuckLand, and does not wait for an answer just jumps back on into the campervan and expect that is where they are going, asking how are they getting there. Pepper never seems to get into trouble even when she is not being good, playing up at night or doing things she is not meant to, like eating on the bus even though she got told to wait till the picnic, all she got was an just make sure you leave some for the picnic.

2) Educational value. There is a lack of educational value e.g. “What’s and Echo?” “An echo is the sound you hear in the mountains” well it’s a sound bouncing back, which your voice does in the mountains – or a large room or somewhere with lots of hard surfaces. Leaving that a side one episode Edward knows a lot about dinosaurs, “Edward knows lots about dinosaurs he is a cleaver clogs.” What? The show insults a kid for being smart? Is this just starting a kid on the path to being a bully?


1) Jealous at of how Daddy and Mummy pig can stay so calm. I have to admit I wish I could manage to keep as cool even if there are really cross with the kids for doing something. I know its not real and its written to make kids feel good about them selves, but it also makes parents feel bad for loosing it with they little one because they didn’t have a full sleep or is stressed because of work or something.

What gets me is that even with the five listed reasons to hate Peppa Pig, I still have a CD in the car and let the books around for my kids. I gave five reasons to hate Peppa Pig but deep down I don’t think I hate Peppa Pig, but I sure am glad we have Thomas and Dinosaur Train.

Till next time
Dad +three.

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Demos Karkazis

I'm a husband and father of three. I work hard and try and be the best dad I can be (not always a success)

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  • Yes, yes, a million times yes! #4 is my particular pet peeve. It makes me so angry. I “hate” Peppa, too. Thank you for saying it!!

    • Demos Karkazis

      Yes, I always seem to mumble something under my breath whenever Daddy does something hopeless again. Thanks for the support.

  • I like Peppa pig, I kind of like that it’s not a moral lesson every time the kids slip up, but I’m glad my littlest one has moved on from obsessively watching Peppa pig to loving Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom… It’s a slight improvement.

    • Demos Karkazis

      Hi Rachel, don’t know why I didn’t see your comment. Yep, I can fully understand. I have only caught a few eps of Ben and Holly and I agree that it’s an improvement, but whenever I hear their voices I keep thinking that’s Peppa or Grandpa Pig.

  • Jasmin

    I gained my knowledge of Peppa Pig because I have 2 twin sisters who are both 3. They always constantly want to watch it and also on 3 hour loops really loudly. I honestly hate her. She’s spoilt, Rude and her dumbass parents constantly give her whatever she wants, regardless of the fact that she’s a brat. Also I have no idea how her parents are always praising Peppa and ignoring George. The episode where Peppa tried to get rid of George’s dinosaur was absolutely horrible.

    • Demos Karkazis

      I never even thought of poor little George being ignored. I think we can add that one to the list. Favouritism. 3 hour loop of Peppa… enough said.

  • Cana-Justin Kellogg

    I actually do agree with these reasons.. I think she does say please and thank you and sorry more than we pay attention to, but I’m sure it could be more frequent. And she could be disciplined more, but I definitely don’t think it needs yo be for every little thing, just like as real parents we let a lot of the little things slide. She is mostly well behaved, and I think that is the more important thing. The show portrays a child’s attitude, usually very briefly, but then always turns things around for the positive, and usually it ends with everyone being happy and ok with each other. While I would love to hate it for all the same reasons as you, I find that it has more positives than negatives. And teaching a child discipline is up to a parent, since there is not one show I know of that is perfect about this. In fact, most other shows are much worse. Many of them are just disgusting, crude humor, and the parents are completely stupid. I actually find these parents smart and sweet compared to most other shows..and I love that it portrays a healthy family environment where the parents are married, hardworking people. OT is one of the most innocent shows I know of that doesn’t make me want to bang my head against the wall, because it is cute and funny even for adults. And Daddy Pig isn’t always so dumb :) I find him really funny.

    • Cana-Justin Kellogg

      ^From hours spent analyzing the show while my baby watches it. Tip: I chime in and say, “that was not polite” etc. Also my baby is only 1. If he starts copying Peppa’s negative actions, he may well end up cut off!

  • misterpl

    Not to mention Peppa, her family, and particularly her elephant friend all look like penises and scrotums.

  • Grace CLARKE