Family Home Holiday: Day one

Family home holiday: Day one:

So day one of our holiday and it’s not really what we had originally planned for our family home holiday.  It started with an “everyday” activity, taking the boys to swimming lessons; then out to country Victoria for lunch in a town called Garfield, meeting the interstate family. My sister-in-law and her husband were leaving the next day and it was the only time my kids would see their aunt, uncle and their puppy dog – the kids just love the dog they think its the best thing ever. Only from a distance, too close and they all get freaked out and run away.

Home holiday: when you have a holiday at home while everyone else is working, or at school.

A quick morning tea before we headed out, into the great unknown. Ok, I’m being a little silly, but it kind of felt that way as we had driven past the Garfield signs many times but didn’t really know anything about the place. We arrived first, giving us a little bit of time to check out the place. The place we were meeting for lunch was a combination of homeware shop and cafe and looked pretty nice. We sat at our table as we waited, only to find the room’s floor was on a slight lean – made me feel a little strange. Long story short, Food was nice, except my father-in-laws lunch was served on a breadboard (it’s a pet hate of his); he finds it very unhygienic as the wooden board absorbs germs and stuff – he’s still alive.

After lunch, we took a walk along the main street. To where my in-laws took us down a dirt trail at the end of the street, to the back of a building to a non-descript door of what looked like it used to be a stable, into a small wood fired bakery, a hidden gem Cannibal Creek Bakehouse.


The bread was wholemeal sourdough bread. They didn’t have a lot left when we arrived, but they were still baking more bread in the back with massive brick oven, fire raging, two bakers in front working on a long wooden table making more bread. There was a young boy – I dare say the son of one of the bakers; at the front counter next to a very small mill. They tried to make their own flour as well but found that they could not keep up with demand, but it makes a cool looking display out front (if you check out there FB page they have videos of it working).

I asked Mr F what bread he would like – there was three different types of loaves there. To my surprise he chooses a beetroot loaf, that had little red bits of beetroot poking out all over – I was sure that no way was he going to choose that as it didn’t look like something “safe” for a kid, but then again his favourite colour is red.  So I bought  that and I bought got a more ‘normal wholemeal sourdough loaf. It was expensive  for the two loafs, but its handmade wood fired and tasted great. We took it back to my In-Laws house.

Family Home Holiday: day one

Once we where there the kids all started running around playing in their large garden picking Lemons off the tree at the back of the yard. Making little Penny (sister-in-law’s dog), bark like crazy jumping and licking everyone. At afternoon tea, I pulled out the beetroot loaf seeing as Mr F choose and sliced it up for everyone to try. I have to say that it’s one of the nicest sourdough breads that I have eaten, it was just down right yummy. If you don’t believe me just look back at the photo, there is not even a crumb left in that bag!

Till next time

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Do you have a hidden gem where your family likes to go to when on holiday?
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  • OK, so he kind of has a point about the bread boards. Never thought of that before! 😳
    We have a favourite fish and chips store when we’re camping. It’s like an institution. To not go there at least twice while on holiday would be a sin!

    • Demos Karkazis

      Yeah, I know he does, but its trendy. Oh that sounds nice, it’s aways nice to have a great place to escape to.