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Hi everyone,

Wonder-wife and I decided to cancel our first real holiday in two years, after being robbed the other week – sending bad karma to whoever it was. (Note to achieve maximum bad karma joojoo you must shake your fist into the air and shout, extra note Using both fits makes twice as much bad karma joojoo. )

Wait, that sounds wrong not “canceled” I am still taking time off work and we are still spending time with the kids doing family things, let say we have changed it from a going away to the beach for a week holiday, to basing ourselves at home and doing day trips exploring our city and surrounding – I might even get a few of those jobs around the home done  – I said might.

What is a home holiday? A very long weekend.

I used up all my sick leave and annual leave while my daughter was in hospital, I have finally managed to build up a weeks worth of leave – so excited. We have been on “holidays” in the last two years, but this is going to be the first “Family” holiday. No visiting family interstate; just the kids, wonder-wife and me. It’s okay that we’re not going away because of the new plan of home holiday. We are still a week away and I am trying to get a few things organised, I’m so excited.

Wonder-wife has been asking the boys what they want to do and the list is crazy long – like Santa’s present list long. Instead of spending money on travel and accommodation, we will put that money into doing things with the kids: visiting museums (dinosaurs), science works (fun science stuff), the movies (new Thomas Moive), train exhibitions, zoos and more, oh there is a lot more on that list. I wonder if we will get half of it done.

Home Holidays
Night time activities past bed time.

One thing that I am looking forward to is being about to sleep in on holiday – I know that will never happen. I am still wishful as I will be turning of my alarm and hoping; just one day that Wonder-wife and I can wake up without a child standing next to our bed telling us its morning or to be woken from screaming from their room, just one morning.

What are the rules of our home holiday?
Simple, take time off from work.
Relax all the house rules that is: bedtimes, jumping on the furniture – ok we’ll keep that one.
Standard routines like daycare/school, sports, replacing them all with stuff that you don’t normally do, or that you have waited till you were on holiday to do.
There is one last rule to home holidaying; its a holiday, breakfast out!

So to recap a home holiday is like when you leave home and go on holiday where normal rules don’t apply.

That is it, simple.

Till next time, survive.

Dad +three

Call out to everyone, ideas for day trips with kids in the Melbourne Victoria area.

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  • Well that sucks. Not the home holiday (I quite like one of those) but the robbery bit. My best thing to do around Melbourne is take a street art tour and find your favourite. x

    • Demos Karkazis

      What a great idea Maxabella, take the kids on a street art tour…. Oh this list is getting to long, how does Santa do it.

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    So sorry to hear about the whole being robbed bit. I’m shaking both fists and shouting for you for extra bad karma. Hope you enjoy your time off and home holiday – I look forward to finding out what you discover!

    • Demos Karkazis

      Thanks Tash, its a pain dealing with after being robbed. I will keep everyone posted about our home holiday. I will make sure I have as many reviews as I can.

  • Sorry you got robbed – that truly sucks and I hope the person who did it really does get their bad karma! I like the home holiday idea – must keep it in mind next time we’re all stir crazy but can’t quite afford to get out of town.

    • Demos Karkazis

      Thanks Kez,
      I know it’s wrong to wish ill on others but you know it’s really not nice having to deal with everything that comes from being robbed.
      I sorted out a “day by day” list of things we can do, its more of a guide to things that we can do on the same day so as to get the most out of the holiday – I’ll post about it soon.

    • Demos Karkazis

      Thanks Kez for the support – getting robbed does suck. I have put a list together of the “day to day” activities that we can do together – I’ll post something soon about it.