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This is not a paid post, however BKLK was given product for the purpose of this review.

I know, I know,  another product review, but I’m pretty excited about this one.  Dreambaby® has released a new range of On-The-Go car shades and I don’t mean sunnies like in Disney’s Cars. These are the shades to stick to your window to keep your little ones, or cats, dogs, whatever, shaded in the back of your car – and it’s better then tinting (I’ll get to that). I have been getting from Mr A “Oww! The sun’s in my eyes!” as the sun is now higher in the sky as we coming into summer, it hits him in the face on the way home for day care.

Adjusta-car shade

I have tried in vain using the other suction cup sun protectors, only to have them fail when driving down a freeway, or when a child reaches over and giving it the slightest of tug and down it comes, or they are too small and don’t even cover half the space so you end up having to use two on each window. So when Dreambaby® sent over adjusta-car shade® I got excited.

So excited that I left it on the desk for a week I really was thinking oh okay another one of these window shades that don’t work properly – I had contacted a supplier once as we had bought set once and one of them never stayed suck to the window for more then a couple hours. As I was saying I had left it on the desk for around a week when wonder-wife grabbed it – for me that is pretty good leaving something on the desk for only a week.

As much as wonder-wife will hate me saying this, I have a method to the madness when it comes to my piles on the desk, there is a tax one,  look at later pile and so on. All this organised chaos is fine until children decide the piles need reordering… all over the floor, then it’s just chaos. Anyway wonder-wife got sick of waiting for me to open the pack and put the shades on the car, so she did it – seriously procrastinating is a males prerogative, like women changing their minds.

adjustacarshade in carThis shade is big enough to cover the whole window and you can adjust it using the four point suction caps – which work; to fit the shape of your window or the shape you feel you want. Talking about the four corner points, if a little one grabs at it and pulls one off, the three other anchor points can still hold it to the window so you don’t loose it on the floor of the car. I know tinted windows makes your car look super cool: Ala Batmobile, but when we got our new car a few years ago -to fit the three car seats. I wanted to tint the windows.

Wonder-wife asked if we really needed to spend the extra money on getting the windows tinted and went in search of information, she found a report that said “you are better off wearing sun glasses when you need them over tinting your windows…  you can not take the tint off when it’s dark.” So we left the car as it was with privacy tinting on the rear windows. So we have tried a couple of the window shades and this one is by far the best one we have tried.

It has performed really well from sticking and covering windows, no complains on very sunny days except from the mouth of a tired little  Mr A – which lets face it would happen as he is tired. It is a really solid car window shade that I am sure is the reason I am having less complaints from the back seat on the way home after day care. So thank you to Dreambaby® for this cool shade.

Available at this link (just click the price) $19.95 RRP

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