Sandpit-dipity. I was being a Heli-Dad.

I was watching my boys play in a sand pit, and I have to admit, I was hovering: One Heli-Dad right here. I was hovering to make sure that they were all right, but mainly I was there to make sure they did not do something crazy, like emptying half a bucket of sand on the head of some poor child. It turns out my little ‘angels’ were of no concern – what I did witness was far more surprising. A toddler waddled past my boys, over to where another toddler was sitting playing. They bent over and grabbed a spade from the sand near the sitting toddler. Then it went down.

Mr F looking at Mini Mr A standing

Sitting toddler’s big sister jumped in. I don’t know where she came from, she was like some sandpit ninja, she was not there, and then suddenly, she was. She was rough with the toddler grabbing the spade out of her hand while shouting “NO! That’s my sister’s”. First instinct was “Okay, got your sister’s back. Nice one.”

Then big sister started the WWF moves, using her tummy to bounce the toddler off balance. The toddler toppled backwards into the sand. Big sister stood over her for a second before leaving. The toddler seemed unfazed by the whole thing, yet somehow, I felt like what I’d just watched was wrong, and I was torn, should I have jumped in?

Mr A filling a bucket.
Mr A filling a bucket.

A quick glance around for a parent, but no one was moving. What I did find was that I was not the only one looking on in shock and disbelief. The toddler was not hurt, her parents did not seem too happy, but at the same time had been happy to do nothing.

Am I just being a bit soft and over protective? How would you have felt if it was your kid?

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If you feel like you have been bullied and dont know what to do?

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  • I would have been tempted to slap the little turd… but I wouldnt have .. of course 😉 I get so protective so I could not have just sat and watched it happened if it were my child though xx

    • Demos Karkazis

      Hi Sonia. I couldn’t stop thinking about that book “the slap” when I was writing the post. All I could do was take my kids away from the sandpit.