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Top Five things my kids will never do

The other day, as the rain softly hit the window, tunes softly playing on the stereo, I felt like I was back living with my parents in their old house on a wet day. It dawned on me that my kids would miss out on some of the amazing childhood memories that I had growing up with. I know some of it is just me getting old – maybe most of it is my old age setting in, but some of it is really sad that they will miss out on doing some of these things.

5) Black outs.This might sound a little strange, who would want to have a black out – to clarify I’m not wishing to have one or anyone for that matter. I do remember having a lot more black outs when I was growing up then we seem to now days – thank you modern age.

What did you use when the lights went out?

We used to have a torch or two but that was only to help find the candles and match sticks. I mean who uses candles any more when the power goes out? Now we have LED nightlights that convert into torches if the power cuts out or lifted from their cradle. Not to mention our lovely phones also have torches built into them. So not only do my kids not have that sudden freak out of all the power going out, they also miss out on the fumbling in the dark looking for the torch or candles and matches. It was also a time of bonding have you seen family guys episodes: Blue Harvest; Something, Something, Something, Darkside; and It’s a trap. All stories Peter Griffin tells his family during a black out, oh the memories.

Candle Photo by Shawn Carpenter

4) Playing in the street
Given I have moved from a small city to a large one ten times it’s size – that in its self is crazy, add to it the crazy drivers that use our street as a shortcut to get from one major road to another, or the others who like to think of it as their personal speed way. The number of times that I have heard and seen car trying to beat the land speed record on our street – it’s amazing that no one has been hurt (local council has decided to add speed bumps in our street). Not to mention the scary thought of paedophiles. Regardless of that scary thought, I don’t recall streets being so busy growing up. Not often was there a parked car on the street let alone almost all the way up both sides (worst in some areas). I think I would be worry about some crazy driver or the damage that my little one would do. A walk to the park up the road would do just fine.

3) Mid summer Water games
I remember spending what felt like hours outside when I was young. In the front yard under the sprinkler, or on the slip and slide, or just being chased or chasing someone with the hose. How things have changed long gone are the days of long lawn soaking games involving the hoes, now water restrictions, global warming, and high water rates; who can let their child waste water like that? I remember having the slip and side on for ages and being told to keep moving it so the grass would get watered as well.

Lawn Sprinkler

2) How many kids fit in the back seat?
Cars have change the rules have changed, our safety to fun ratios have changed as well. Think of the old cars that have the bucket seat – and I’m not talking the sports bucket which hugs you as your car takes that corner at 40Km, but the ones that was one long vinyl seat that stretched flat from one side of the over sized car to the other. You could fit the whole footy team in the back then, not anymore. I don’t want to have the massive cars come back up I do remember getting lifts with mates parents too and climbing into their car five kids across the back seat and no one especially a police officer would have batted an eye lid.

New Releases Photo By Richard Eriksson

1) Visiting a Video Shop on a rainy day
This is what I will miss doing most of all with my kids, a trip to the video shop on a rainy day. I remember those raining days then we would climb into the car and head down to the video shop. You had to face nature and the reward was a video at the end. No downloading the latest blockbuster to your smart TV or mobile device but get to the video shop and just hope that they have what you want, changing your idea after finding out there is no copies of that movie left.

So that is my top five things I wont be able to do with my kids. What’s one of your childhood memories that you have realised you will never be able to share with you kids?
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  • Shauna ‘Round the Corner

    Geez! We must have grown up in the same era? I can relate to every one of these things. My brothers and I used to spend a lot of time swimming in the river. Now the easement we used to access that swimming hole has a padlock on it :-( Other less remote access points are littered with broken glass and shopping trolleys. So, sadly my kids will never experience what I did. On the upside though they are making memories of their own. It’s just a different era but they will be no less special to them than ours are to us. If you know what I mean. Thanks, this took me back!

    • Demos Karkazis

      Sounds like we might have grown up in the same era and I totally know what you mean. I’m glad it took you back. What a shame about the river access sounds lovely. You are right our kids will make their own memories that will mean so much to them, I just wish we could share some of our old ones.

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    I loved blackouts! As a kid, a blackout was seen as exciting. I’d race to find the candles and matches in the third draw of the kitchen. It was almost disappointing when the light eventually came back on! My kids will never have the joy of walking to a little corner store and buying 1c and 2c lollies. It was amazing how much you could buy with 20 cents!

    • Demos Karkazis

      I know Tash. It was that mix of excitement after the initial shock of everything going dark and quite.