Why do kids make so much mess?

Why do kids make so much mess?

Over the weekend, Wonder-Wife and I were busying around the house, getting things in order after a crazy week. Mr F was playing with Lego and Mr A – well, he was making a right mess of the place. It made me wonder;

“Why do kids make so much mess?”

I was not happy. I had only just come back though the room not ten minutes before and it was nowhere near what greeted me. I bent down to pick up the cups and tidy up some of the objects that had been projected across the back of the couch, when Mr A declare in a loud voice “NO! You leave it!” he told me off. I got down to tell Mr A that this is not on, and that is when it happened. I guess it was all to do with getting down to his eye level. He looked at me with his big innocent eyes and I saw it, over his shoulder.

Why do kids make so much mess?

 What was I missing? Why are they doing this? Are they just getting bored?

I have to admit I was surprised when I saw the “mess” this way. To me it seemed like things just been spread around the room. It really looked like a volcano had gone off in their toy chest sending toys everywhere. I looked one way and Miss S’ toys had erupted onto the floor; the other way and the toy kitchen’s content scattered all over the back of the couch and were filling the floor as well.

On closer inspection – do I dare say it; there seemed to be order to this chaos. Well a lot more than I first suspected, looking at the living room debris. It was very clever, can I be bias enough to call it artistic? That is when I figured something out, and it’s to do with the way I view the world, over the way my kids do. 

His POVBefore you have kids, you crawl around on your hands and knees checking out what your little one will see so you can “child proof” your house. Then as they get older, well I don’t get to their eye line, I’m either higher or lower (laying on the ground playing), but when you are not playing with them and they are making a “mess” it’s hard to see the “playing” from the “general mess”.

General mess: is just that; when a kid comes in throwing their shoes off, or drop there bags, or the something they are playing with as they move onto the next thing that have gotten their interest.
Playing mess: looks the same as general mess but it’s important and specific to the game that they are playing.

Ok this is a little more tame It’s about the perspective.Its all about persecutive

Maybe Play mess is made with the rules of what ever game they are playing or maybe its a visual representation of how they think or the other thought is so everything can be at a hands reach. Whatever the reason for the play mess, no matter what, it can sure look like general mess to an adult’s eyes if you come in half way though the “game”.

So next time you come into a room and find your little one has spread all the clean laundry across the room, don’t freak out get down have a look. You might be more surprised at what you find.

Till next time.



PS check out this link to Lunarbaboon its exactly what I was talking about. Thanks for the tip Alex.

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  • I love this post Demos! I’d never thought of the ramshackle state of our house as an artistic expression. I’m going to get eye-level with the mess tonight when I get home… though I fear I may be encountering the abandoned toys kinda clutter.

    • Demos Karkazis

      Yeah I know what you mean Dave. I do find that “abandoned toy clutter” or General Mess as I call it, around a lot – like last night after the kids had their bath I was taking Miss S into her room to get dressed and as I was leaving I tripped on a toy left by one of the boys… So not artistic at all.

  • Alex

    This is cool. Check out Lunarbaboon. He has an illustration of a dad shouting at a kid for a messy room then the next panel is the kid showing the dad what it means to him. It’s brilliant. I think you can find it in the Lunarbaboon shop on the website. I have a copy in my office.

    Great article

    • Demos Karkazis

      Thanks Alex. I have not heard of Lunarbaboon before but Im going to check them out now. WOW that is exactly how I felt. I might add the link in to the image as its awesome. Thanks again Alex.

    • Yes – that’s my favourite Lunarbaboon comic! I love all his stuff, actually :)

  • I love this. It’s so true. Nowadays I stop for a second and check the ‘mess’ for signs of a game or something the Little Mister is trying to create. I leave the ‘play’ mess a little bit longer (as long as it isn’t dangerous haha) :)

    • Demos Karkazis

      Thanks Kez. Yes its so hard to tell sometimes what mess is what. Glad you liked it. I am so a new fan of Lunarbaboon comics now. Where have I been hiding all this time?

  • Melissa Lynn

    This gave me the perspective change I needed! I’m constantly thinking to myself, why are my kids so messy? I kind of feel bad for being frustrated at them, when they aren’t purposely being messy (sometimes :))!

    • Demos Karkazis

      I totally understand, its infuriating when all you can see is mess. Sometimes its good to see the playing that goes with it. Glad this helped.

  • Sylvain Dureau

    Hmmm…..I guess I better re-evaluate how I view their mess….although most of the time my kids’ mess is just too random to be an artistic expression…lol…

    • Demos Karkazis

      Are you sure Sylvain? Could it be a bit like Andy Pollock’s work seems random but its really not?