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Is this your little ones’ first year at  school? – scary how quick time goes. It’s our “big” little man’s first year and we needed to get him a lunch box that would stand up to the challenge. If you were at all like wonder wife and I – Ok all wonder-wife; you would have spent loads of time searching the internet high and low to find the best Lunch Box. Even with all of that searching we didn’t know what to do. Lucky Yumbox© have been so kind as to send me out two to review – which works out, one for each boy. Welcome to my Yumbox© Bento Lunchbox Review.

PROS+ Easy for kids to use, size, colour, sturdy, leak proof, keeps foods apart, no waste lunches, dishwasher clean, can change the inside tray, great designs.

CONS- The lip of inner tray gathers water in dishwasher so needs to be dried before use.

Firstly, congratulations to all the first time parents who have made it thought the first few weeks of school – and for you old hands, for making it though holidays.  Such an exciting and scary time for parents I know. We had our middle child start 3 year old kindergarten (preschool), and our eldest start primary school.

What does your kids lunchbox say about you?

Are you kicking yourself about your kids lunch box choice ? How are you going to know what is better? It said leak proof, why? Should I be putting soup in there? Will it fit all your yummy treats? How do you know what you are going to be packing in their lunches all year if you’ve never done it before? I put the two Yumboxes© to the challenge, to see if I could answer these questions and more.

How easy it is to open/close –  can I fill it half asleep?
Is it Leak proof –  for when you want to send soup, yoghurt or dip.
Drop test –  like come on, I am going to knock it off the bench if not my kids.
Size – Size does MATTER – its like you have three choices: too small not even the crumbs are left, to big ok you so can finish that for dinner, just right sometime there is something left other times nothing.
Easy to label – and I don’t mean “geek” “nerd” “jock” I mean so your kid can find it.
How “safe” is it – BPA free – we all know that’s a good thing.
How hard is it to clean – I’m lazy, if it can’t go in the dishwasher… I don’t bother.

To help me I roped my two boys into do the testing with me. Check out the video.

As you can see, it’s a bit of a WIN for the old YUMBOX© bento box across the board. One thing I didn’t think about including in the test, was ‘is your kid going to want to use it’, well the boys love using theirs.

Yumbox comes in either a 4 or 6 compartments, this is really the hardest choice you have to make – next to colour and inside design. So ask your self this: to sandwich or not to sandwich that is the question. The four compartments lends it’s self more to a sandwich type of lunch, and the six is more snacks. With the six compartments I have fitted sandwiches I just had to cut them up solider style or even mini triangles which the little guy seems to loves.

At AU$39.95 on Yumbox© plus spare trays at $15. You can get these cool thermal bags that comes from So Young© with heaps of designs to suit, and different sizes too.

  • Uncoated linen exterior allow them to be machine washed and spot cleanedeasily
  • Insulated interior to keep things cool
  • Adjustable carry strap to attach it to a stroller
  • Includes a detachable strap allowing it to be carried messenger style or backpack style
  • Retro inspired graphics
  • Back pocket for cutlery or napkins
  • BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead safe
So young bags
One of my boys loves RED and the other PINK, perfect.

Yumboxes© may not be the cheapest lunch boxes out there, but it’s well worth it. If you buy a cheap one like my sister-in-law did, you may find yourself (like her) buying another one and paying more than just getting something like a Yumbox© to start with.

So if you have your kids favourite sushi (wasabi and all) then the So Young© bag will do the trick – might want to put an ice brick in to be safe.

I have to say thank you to Yumbox© for such great lunch boxes, my boys have been using them for a couple weeks now and no issues.

Till next time.



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  • Wow, they look awesome! I will have to look into it when I inevitably have to pick another lunchbox! I got a bento style box for my son (he started kindy this year) but then I chickened out and got him a single box type because the bento was a bit too complicated with bits he’d break or lose (dividers and lids inside etc). I laugh at this post, because when I had to pick lunch boxes I must have spent half an hour deciding – I had never realised what a big decision it was!!! And then I STILL didn’t quite nail it! I wish I’d read this earlier!

    • Demos Karkazis

      Yeah they are great. The Boys love them and we wash them in the dishwasher. So easy. I know wonder-wife had the question. I think there is a lot out there and its really hard to know until you start using; what you will need, and how you will use it. Good luck Kez.