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Dadding for beginners

Here in Melbourne, Australia, being a Dad has always been… well, happening I guess. Not ‘Happening’ in the street-wise funk-meister sense of the word (“Being a Dad is hot dang Happening right now”); more the happening that is just happening. It is. It does. And the kids are a part of bigger things.

But the moment that I saw my baby boy for the first time, I wanted to be a Better Dad. Present, involved and connected. And my mate Bern felt the same when his little bud was born.

Turns out that it’s not as easy as I thought. The parenting part, full of nappies and 3am feeds, is okay. Lots of books and tutorials to cover all of that. And a spectacular Wifey McWifester to show me how to do it (her speciality is pushing me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning). But where is the step-by-step guide to being a Dad? That special role that no one else can fill.

I’m not talking about the things that Mums and Grandparents can cover. There are BIG topics that us fellas have to lead in:

  • How do I teach my Little Man to be a man?
  • What the hell is a man, for that matter? Am I classed as Man or Nerd?
  • Will wearing pink shoes ruin his chance of becoming an astronaut?
  • Will a career as an astronaut prepare him for the coming zombie-kitten apocalypse?
  • And most importantly: Why are men’s shirt buttons on the right but women’s on the left?

Luckily for us, being a Better Dad is becoming vogue, even down here in the less affluent ‘burbs. We just need someone to add some major landmarks on the roadmap to being a Better Dad. (Maybe Cartographer is a good career choice. Do modern pirates use Google Maps instead?)

So Bern and I are setting out on a mission to record all of our screw-ups on the path to earning the title of Super-Awesome-Underpants-On-The-Outside-Ninja-Dad!

On good days I’m a Dad. Some days I’m even Dadder. And when I’m working my Dad-hardest, I’m in the Dadding Zone.

Now, to work out how to use my camera-phone.


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David Hawkins

Half nerd, all Dad & Founder of Big Kid Little Kid, the go-to blog for Awesome Dads. David is on a personal mission to become a more awesome dad to his two sons and teach them all the facets of being a major nerd. NES-off anybody?