BKLK_91_featured image_1st birthday_Demos popping out of surprise catwalk birthday cake watched by Sylvain, Ryan & David

Happy Birthday to all Awesome Dads: Big Kid Little Kid turns 1!

How did that happen? We’ve been invading your personal lives for a whole year!

Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of the Big Kid Little Kid blog.

It has been one helluva year and one huge learning curve for the Awesome Dad Bloggers; I had never even read a blog come March of last year! But the most amazing accomplishment that we’ve managed is taking those simple steps to being more Awesome Dads and spending really special Dad-time with our kids.

So let’s recap the developmental milestones that our digital baby has been through these past 12 months:

BKLK at birth

Milestone: When asleep, is generally oblivious to any disturbance around (from essentialbaby.com.au)

Dadding For Beginners_featured imageYep, that pretty much sums up how this little blog started out. It was just me typing out random brain farts about being a dad and having my Mum read them. Thanks again Mum! It was just my enormous ego and the silent world wide web.

Here’s one of my favourite Dadding-according-to-Dave posts from the very early days: The Parent Competition

BKLK at 3 months

Milestone: Squeals, gurgles, coos. Can do mini pushups (from babycenter.com.au)

BKLK_13_I'm going in!By August 2014, BKLK had been through a complete renovation. Up late one night, guffawing at my own hilarious writing, I had one of those rare, awkward moments of clarity; perhaps this is too narcissistic, even for me! Surely the blog could be doing more for me AND other people.

So I began some research into mum blogs and discovered a world of proactive parenting with a penchant for educational fun. Hang about. Are these people suggesting that you can do more with your kid than jump on the bed for hours? Crazy talk. But it occurred to me that, perhaps, my stay-at-home-dadding could be more educational and I could be a more awesome dad.

And that’s where it really all began; the birth of Dad-Crafting. If you haven’t seen it, here is the Pac-Man Vertical Basketball game I created for Little E.

BKLK at 6 months

Milestone: Can move around by creeping or rolling (from kidspot.com.au)

Mr F eating away at the art work.September, October & November 2014 brought about huge advances on the blog front, not the least of which was taking on a two year old’s birthday party planning solo! That’s right! Phenom-A-Mum stepped aside and left the failure um, potential success to me. It was an epic week long saga proving that dads can handle the big stuff too.

I was also joined by the first of the new wave of Awesome Dad Bloggers, Demos, and his epic tales of surviving three kids! (I struggle with just one). The pair of us took Big Kid Little Kid out to the real world with dad-tastic activity reviews in our Dad Day Out posts, and had a blast with our mission of finding new things to do where dads will have just as much fun as the munchkins.

Here is one of Demos’ eye-opening, parent-of-3 survival posts: Driving Holiday with Three Kids.

BKLK at 9 months

Milestone: Babble with sounds like ‘dada’ and ‘baba’ & delight in playing ‘peek-a-boo’ games (from parentlink.act.gov.au)

BKLK_47_featured image_Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas Tree decoration costume_nerd geek xmas craftBig Kid Little Kid’s first Christmas was a hoot, and the New Year rang in with a boom, crash and the holler of a woken child. With the new year came significant BKLK firsts; aussie craft company CleverPatch threw down the gauntlet and offered us an ongoing dad-craft challenge which kept our creative juices overflowing (sorry, that sounded rather R-rated). We had our first big reception to a post when we wrote about the things we wanted our kids to learn from the Sydney Siege, with hundreds of readers passing through our virtual doors in only two days.

BKLK_75_Awesome Dad crew_my amazong volunteer dads men fathers_excited for a big day of silly record breaking_Dads Vs World Records at Frankston Family Fun Day 2015_Ballam Park Karingal

But the one BIG AWESOME that came before the 9 month mark was holding the inaugural Dads VS World Records event in Frankston, Victoria! It was time to get BKLK’s Awesome Dad mission off the web and out to the dads in the street. 8 amazing Awesome Dads ran the event, inspiring passing fathers to try their hand at setting a dad-themed world record.

You can find out how proud I was by reading the Dads VS World Records account here.


Milestone: Jabbers word-like sounds & imitates others (from babycenter.com.au)

Dad CaftWe’ve had a Dad VS Dad Craft-Off, some of the most creative (read: silliest) product reviews around, two dads taking on Greek Easter and our first giveaways on the blog. It’s been a very busy last three months!

More importantly we’ve been joined by two more brand new Awesome Dad Bloggers – Sylvain from Melbourne and Ryan from Ohio in the U.S of A!

What started as one fella’s attempt to step-up his dadding has become a call to all dads, everywhere, to prove that we are all Awesome Dads! I, personally, couldn’t be more proud of the blog, it’s amazing dad-tributors and our spectacular readership.

An extra enormous THANK YOU to you for being the greatest reader we could possibly ask for!

Without you taking the time to read our dad-drivel, and spread the word on social media, we’d just be some really weird guys typing stories for themselves.

One last, very important note. None of this would have ever happened if it wasn’t for my eternally supportive and suffering wife, Phenom-A-Mum. She is the person who encouraged (pushed) its beginning and the one who kicks me into gear when I get a little lax on the blog. Thank you my hot wife!

What was your favourite post this past year?

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David Hawkins

Half nerd, all Dad & Founder of Big Kid Little Kid, the go-to blog for Awesome Dads. David is on a personal mission to become a more awesome dad to his two sons and teach them all the facets of being a major nerd. NES-off anybody?
  • I have really been so stoked I found this website! You guys are just awesome! I have loved everything I have read! A highlight was the video product reviews – gave me the giggles AND taught me stuff! :)

    • David Hawkins

      Right back at ya Kez! We LOVE your awesome comments each week, which make us feel very warm and gooey. In a not-creepy way. Demos is back with a Video Review on Friday! It’s like you wished for it and it came true.

  • A HUGE Happy Birthday you guys and well done! And here’s to the next ten 😉 Now, where’s the cake and champas? 😉 xx

    • David Hawkins

      Shucks, thanks Sonia! Hasn’t the courier arrived at your place yet? We shipped up a few cases of vodka and fresh limes for your part in the celebrations. Hmmm… must have gone the same way as any time off down here to enjoy the anniversary!!!!