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The Dad, the kids’ birthday party and the potential for disaster – Day Five

(You can read Day Four by clicking here)

Oh wow. Day five is wrapping up and I’m being hit with the realisation that I am officially on my own starting tomorrow! Phenom-A-Mum is off to a work commitment until the very moment that the party kicks off.

It is all on my shoulders. Little E’s only ever second birthday, and it’s up to me not to screw it up. Hell, I might even make it memorable. Probably not in a good way, but at least memorable.

So how much did I accomplish today you ask? I finally finished the shopping that I started two days ago. We now have everything we need to send toddlers off on a sugar rush and then point them in the direction of some fun (aka. distraction).

Day five_everything i need for a fun toddler kid children two year old boy birthday party_chalk plastic animals craft art chocolate furry friends noise makers whistle parp

Not too much sugar though! I’m supposed to be setting a no-sugar example for Little E. Failing badly but at least he can see that I have noble intentions. We’ve got some jelly lollies, some Furry Friends chocolates (childhood flashback anyone?) and a bucket of M&M’s. I only need two M&M’s for the cake. Just two. But the bucket seemed like such good value compared to the tiny snack packs….

On the exercise/ fun & games side I’ve pulled together an eclectic mix to entertain the minds and bodies of the next generation:

Day five_jumbo giant large street chalk drawing grafitti_kid toddler two year old children birthday party game activity

To allow the parents a moment to socialise when they first arrive, I have a bucket of street chalk. Guaranteed to be mistaken for food by the bubs, they can sketch to their teeny weeny fast-pumping hearts’ content. When I say sketch I mean make random marks on everything except the concrete square they are directed to, but that just makes them modern artists really.

Heads up for attending parentage – I’ll be taking a commission if any of your tikes turn out to be famous abstract artists!

Day five_craft materials for wooden peg butterfly butterflies_pipe cleaners chenille sticks_jumbo large crayons_toddler child kid two year old birthday party_animal theme

Craft time! They can continue their colouring education by personalising a wooden peg which will be bearing google eyes and pipe cleaner antennae. These will then becomes the bodies of the treat-bag-butterflies that I’ll hand out as they head home.

Day five_plastic toy animals for pass the parcel game_lion giraffe tiger ape monkey gorilla horse elephant rhino cow cat_farm zoo jungle safari

I am going to risk the winner’s pot by attempting a potentially ill-fated bash at Pass-the-Parcel. Each layer will contain a poorly crafted plastic animal toy. Each child will be guaranteed a turn at opening a parcel layer. And I’ll just cross my eyes in hope that there isn’t a toddler throw-down over who got the oversized cat (what was that doing in the jungle animal set? Perhaps it’s actually an Ocelot).

Day five_craft materials for elephant costume_toddler two year old kid children birthday party_animal theme_headband corrugated gray grey cardboard_noise makers_elephant ears

This is my personal pick of the day: Elephant Train!

I’m going to spend this evening cutting elephant ears out of the corrugated grey cardboard and sticking them onto the headbands. Then each kiddlywink will get to wear the ears and blow a party noise maker as their trunk. Combine this with a single file version of Simon Says and I reckon this weekend may mark the humble beginnings of the hottest new party trend to rock the country.

And that brings me to tomorrow. My first day sans Phenom-À-Mum (the accent on the ‘A’ is to make her seem more French, so that my classy usage of the word ‘sans’ isn’t so wanky).

Tomorrow has some big events scheduled in the final days lead up to THE PARTY. Shopping for all of the fresh food at the city’s most awesome market, assembling some frogs in ponds, and creating life. Sort of. Life-like jelly worms, anyway.

Wish me luck. And feel free to drop by and lend a hand.

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