Me and Frank Sinatra_like twins from different mums

Update – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

Hello to all of you cool-as dad-craft fans out there!
(The photo above has nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to pretend that I was in Frank Sinatra’s police photo. We’re like twins, right? Right? Hello?)

Thanks to the awesome peeps at CleverPatch I’ve been on a mad crafting mission for the past six weeks and I reckon (in my completely humble way) that I’ve come up with some BRILLIANT toys for Little E to play with. I’m loving every second of getting to be so creative for/with my superstar son!

Unfortunately I’m going to have to pull back slightly on this dad-craft craziness, as I am now back to working part time and throwing myself into the inaugural Dad Day Out event (on this Sunday in Frankston, VIC!) and the already-booked-in second event for April.

But don’t throw yourselves into electrified baths just yet! It’s not the end of an era, just a rescheduling of it.

The CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge will now be a fortnightly endeavour. It’ll be a week on-week off scenario, to ensure that I don’t begin succumbing to pressure and trying to fob off the washing-up as a suitable art activity for toddlers (mind you, I can’t wait until Little E is old enough to get dish-pan-hands).

I’ll see you on Monday for the next surprise item reveal!

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