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This Week’s Surprise Item: Noughts and Crosses Board & Pebbles – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

This week’s CleverPatch surprise item is…

Wooden Noughts and Crosses Board & Polished White Pebbles
(click here to check out the Board and here for the Pebbles on the CleverPatch website).

Wooden Noughts and Crosses Board & White Polished Pebbels_CleverPatch

Rocks? They’ve given me rocks? I suppose I could hurl them at passing cars… Bad Dad!

I’m on a high after last week’s successful Instant Toy Story’s Woody cowboy costume (click here if you missed it). I’ve even managed to get Little E to wear it two days running. I haven’t made him a bored game yet (get it?) so this is a very cool challenge.

The only problem is that every time I look at the pebbles, all I can think about is KerPlunk!

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