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Failed Dad experiment for ROALD DAHL DAY

“Grandma sat hunched in her chair by the window…” Or was that me? With my wicked little eyes watching closely as my boys played yet another LOUD game, while Miss S was taking her afternoon nap. That’s how I felt the other day as I rested after spending the morning gardening. “You’re too loud,” I snapped at the boys as they ran into the kitchen. “BUT MR F SPOKE TO ME.” “There you go again. Always so LOUD!” – Ok if you don’t know what I’m doing, I’m trying to write a little in the style of Roald Dahl, because this is an activity based on the Roald Dahl book George’s Marvellous Medicine.

Do not try to make George’s Marvellous Medicine yourselves at home.
It could be dangerous (my version as well)

To get the boys outside and hopefully give Wonder-Wife and Miss S some quite time in the house, I was going to do something with them in celebration of Roald Dahl Day (September 13th), his birthday. This is something that lots of bloggers out there are doing (click here to see Dave’s Mr Twit Beard costume & game craft), due to so many of us having had childhoods filled with stories from this amazing author.

What I was aiming for was layers of coloured water with some bubbles running though and maybe a quiff of foam on top. So the hunt was on for ingredients and the containers to mix them in. I have to admit I was not sure if I was up to this challenge.

raw start
What you will need… well what I tried to use.

After who knows how long I got everything together, took the boys into the back yard and started making a Marvellous Medicine.

Add sugar

First add sugar to the glasses. We had three; one glass each and three colours.
One glass had no sugar added, one had two tablespoons of sugar, whilst the last had four tablespoons of sugar added. The sugar is meant to make the water “heaver” and help it separate – (Yes Dave, that was a total of six tablespoons of sugar! Naughty, I know).

Getting water

Careful now with that water, don’t spill a drop.

Add green colour
Add green colour
Stir the blue
Stir the blue







Hmmm, how the colours change. I’m so glad we didn’t try this with the real list from the book. YUCK!

Now mix everyone
Mix your sugar round and round.

Once the colours are mixed in you are ready to begin the fun part. We start by putting the lightest colour into the large jug first, so I poured in the yellow colour (no sugar) – may I point out that what is meant to happen is the colour create layers with the heavier colours (more sugar) going to the bottom and the lighter ones floating on top. Well, I ended up feeling like how George felt when he was making his  second batch of medicine, knowing it was not quite right.
Colour Yellow

Yes it does look wrong, I know but what are you going to do when that is all of the colours you have to use?  Now it was time to start adding the other colours – remember that this was meant to create a magical layering of colours.

Here comes the green.
Here comes the green.

Alright look at that, it’s looking good. In goes the green, wait umm.. no that’s not right. What is that colour doing? It’s mixing not layering. Argh no, it didn’t work. The mixture is wrong!

Okay, just throw the blue in and lets see what happens.
Okay, just throw the blue in and lets see what happens.

It’s starting to look like what Roald Dahl describes in the book, a brown coloured medicine. I have not finished yet, even though the layering of colours didn’t work. Why stop there? I mean there’s no reason not to make this more like the book, and add some animal pellets.

Well these are dried peas.
Well these are dried peas.
Bubble bubble toil and trouble.
Bubble bubble toil and trouble.

Don’t forget to  fizz it up, as it makes for more fun.

Well, my first idea failed but it’s time to move on. No one was going to drink this concoction, as I am sure that you would be instantly sick from the sweetness of it all. So, how do we make it BIG? BUBBLES of course!

ADD some more soap for bubbles
Add the soap for bubbles

Moving back to the smaller glass jars, we put in a heap of liquid soap. Now some home made bubble blowers, and away the bubbles go.

New way to blow bubbleshome made bubble blowerFailed attempt number two.
The irony of trying to mimic George’s Marvellous Medicine and failing twice is not lost on me. It’s like George when he is remaking the medicine for his father, Mr Kranky.

Just like in the book, we cut our losses. I turned to a jumbo sized bubble blower and made massive bubbles that flowed on the wind above the house for ages, until both boys got bored and wanted to go back inside.

A very big THANK YOU to Roald Dahl for creating such wonderful stories, and Happy Roald Dahl Day to all of you literature fans out there! There is another generation of fans being grown in our house, and I wonder which story will be their favourite?

Till next time.

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