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Back To The Future Part 2 DeLorean cake

Against all good judgement, Phenom-A-Mum and I threw a Back To The Future theme birthday party for Little E, our recently turned three year-old. That’s right! We threw him a party but totally stole the whole thing to celebrate the awesomely nerdy fact that October 21st 2015 was THE DAY that Marty & Doc arrived in the future in BTTF Part 2.

You can check out the whole MEGA post and get great ideas for throwing your own McFly-ised party by clicking here.

But the WOW-factor was my freakin’ brilliant DeLorean cake, straight out of Back To The Future Part II (if I do say so myself)!

BKLK_101_Parents and awesome car cake_3rd birthday party_back to the future part 2 II theme_time machine delorean cake_marty mcfly fancy dress
Phenom-A-Mum and Dave proudly show off their 2am project – DeLorean lolly decorated birthday cake.

It was a simple butter cake recipe, baked in a loaf tin. Once cooked and cooled, I used a serrated knife to carve a windscreen and bonnet into the cake, leaving the backend naturally curved.

Packaged fondant icing rolled to about 4mm and then draped over the entire cake created the base for our decorating/designing frenzy.

BKLK_101_the cake with Doc Brown & Marty figures toys_3rd birthday party_back to the future part 2 II theme_time machine delorean cake

Phenom-A-Mum found this very cool silver sparkle food dye. We mixed it with butter flavoured liquid (from a bottle) and then painted it all over the fondant icing, leaving only three areas clean to become windscreen and windows. These glass replicas were brushed with watered-down blue food colouring.

BKLK_101_the rear back of the cake_lolly sweet decorate_3rd birthday party_back to the future part 2 II theme_time machine delorean cake

As this was for a kid’s birthday party the cake had to be just as sweet to eat as it was to look at, so we decided that all of the detailing needed to be done with a bag full of lollies.

Jelly snakes for the wiring, liquorice for the bumper bars and window detailing, halved all-sorts for the rocket vents, a carved milk bottle for the compost-power converter and assorted sweets for the busy components on the rear of the car.

Last of all, Oreo cookies laid flat made for perfect flying-mode tyres. This was definitely the most colourful version of the DeLorean time machine ever created! To add to the extra funky factor we bought  Marty McFly & a Doc Emmet Brown Funko Pop figures and blue-tacked them to the base.

BKLK_101_blowing out candles_3rd birthday party_back to the future part 2 II theme_time machine delorean cake

Little E loved his car cake (yep, that’s all he understood having not seen the films) and blew out the candles with glee. I was extra excited because this was the first birthday that he’s been able to do that! Sure there seemed to be more spit than necessary but the other mini guests didn’t mind the instant glaze that he added.

BKLK_101_kids stole all of the lollies sweets_3rd birthday party_back to the future part 2 II theme_time machine delorean cake

So much so that, as the final candle was extinguished, teeny hands plundered the cake of every colourful goodie that I had pushed into the icing. Within a second it was just a regular old, non-time machine DeLorean again. And there were a bunch of maniacally grinning toddlers feeling the sugar-rush kick in!

We also had a bit of a screaming match going on as I inexpertly removed the Funko Pop figures from the over-energised children. The box says 14+ which means these are Daddy’s toys!

This was a very easy cake to make and decorate, but time-consuming because I’m a stickler for detail and had to constantly check my lolly version against photos of the real thing. It kept Phenom-A-Mum and I up until 2am, the night before the party, but it was completely worth it. I now have serious bragging rights in extremely small nerd-parenting circles.

What film-themed cakes have you created?

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