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Edible Wall Art created by the Kids – Closer To Nature Explora Pack Review.

This is not a paid post, however BKLK was given product for the purpose of this review.

This post is a product review BUT we don’t do your average reviews here at BKLK; we do Dad+ CHALLENGES!!!!! Big Kid Little Kid has been given an Explora set by Closer to Nature to test out, and I’ve really put it through its paces.

Included in the Explora set was :

1 x Explora Blender (rrp. $40)
1 x Explora Cutlery Set (rrp. $10)
1 x Explora Magic Mat (rrp. $10)
1 x Explora Easy Scoop Feeding Bowl Pack (rrp. $10)
3 x Explora Active Cups (rrp. $36)
TOTALING – rrp. $106

explora setDave asked if I could take this one on. I had no ideas about what to do when he gave it to me. Well nothing that was BKLK worthy, I mean why ask us at BKLK if you just want the same old review? – “Explora Active Cups don’t spill even up side down”.
I consulted with wonder-wife and after some Internet searching about what is out there, we came up with an idea.

Edible Wall Art created by Kids.

It’s a Charlie and the Chocolate factory lickable wallpaper thing but there are a few things to consider before we took this on. Firstly where can we put this ‘wall art?’ What can the boys be eating off that we are happy for them to do so? If you want to try this at home and aren’t sure what surface to use,  you could use a window or put up a plastic tablecloth on an outside wall. We have a long white section under our kitchen bench that was perfect for this challenge.

What you will need:

  • Ingredients for the ‘paint’, I have seen a lot of fruit edible art stuff. Pfff my boys need more Vegetables and I plan to get them to eat some!
  • Explora set as listed above (all will become clear later why you need some of it).
  • Drop sheet – to help reduce clean up.
  • Hot soapy water, for cleaning before and after the event (don’t need the kids getting sick).
1Yellow stuffs
Lovely Yellow Corn
1 Yellow Stuff
Yellow Swede

Thinking smarter here, I prepped food which was not only going into the edible wall art paint, but also that was going to be used for dinner and some prep work for the week’s dinners too. Our edible colour selection was corn kernels with swede for yellow; boiled baby Peas for Green; roasted Red Capsicum for well, Red.

Mr A got a little freaked out by the noise of the Explora Blender (it was a little loud) but warmed up after some big cuddles. Mr F on the other hand was more than happy to play with the blender, turning it on and off (and on. And off. And on. And off again…).

There’s a single controller knob on the top of the blender. Pulse, off, slow and fast settings. So easy a child could use it, although they do not recommend itone child did though. Thank you, Mr F  (the little hands making the Colour green). I would have liked to have more than the 250ml container, but I did like that the blades came out easily for a clean, and that made rinsing between the three colours super-simple.

Once we had made our three colours, I moved everything into the Easy Scoop Bowls which have a triangular bottom. I’m assuming that this shape makes it easier for little hands to scoop food out. I assigned one piece from the Cutlery Set to each bowl, which look cool and do what they do nicely… Remember, I am a trained Dad. I have done no training at all to be one but I am one never the less, so trust me when I say “Do try this at home”.

Bright is that.
Bright is that.

We set up the Magic Mat on the floor in front of the bench, sticking it to the ground. Now the name ‘magic’ invokes ideas of flying or granting wishes or something; nope, none of that. What it does do is stick to a flat surface really well.

For what we had planned, the mat has become the launch pad. Yes, you read right: launch pad. Wonder-wife had pointed out that she had seen edible food paint, so how about we, (and this is her words) “Dad it up a bit” by catapulting the food onto the wall. I love you wonder-wife, what an inspired idea!

Catapult at the ready.

Catapult ready, I was going to show the kids what to do. I got in position for the first shot… MISS-fired. It has been so many years since I have shot anything out of a bowl that I’d forgotten how. My second attempt was so much better; I sent food flying and, SPLAT, hit the beautiful white canvas.

The failed attempt, oh and the blank canvas.
The failed attempt, oh and the blank canvas.

In no time I had Mr F asking if he could have a go, so I showed him how, asking him what colour he would like and of cause he chose Red. Smash a big blob of Red landed on the wall. He had a couple more goes then it was Mr A’s turn, he sat at the ready but was not wanting to take the shot, he was more interested in getting hands on.

Mr F's first shot.
Mr F’s first shot.

The Boys got stuck in, using their fingers and making bright colourful patterns everywhere, fantastic! Then came the best bit. I took a big lick of the food art. Mr F watched and didn’t need an invitation, he started licking the wall, thinking it was the greatest thing ever. Mr A soon followed his lead, before going back to painting. The boys kept painting and eating, only stopping to smile at us in disbelief as if to say “are you really letting us do this”?

Mr F eating away at the art work.
Mr F eating away at the art work.

We had so much fun laughing and painting and eating away at the wall, I can’t even tell you how long we were at it for but what I do know, is that the boys were interested the entire time. From making the paint, to painting it and eating it. We must have been at it for an hour-and-a-half, maybe two hours.

Yummy edible wall art.
Both eating food off the wall.

So if you are looking for a new way to get your kids to eat their vegetables, then maybe edible art work is the way to go!

Final results for the Explora set by Closer to Nature:
Explora Blender
Good: Cut up food well; easy to clean; has safety built-in.
Bad: Bit on the loud side; would like a  bigger bowl.

Explora Magic mat
Stuck well, keeping the bowl secure.

Explora Easy scoop feeding bowls
Good: Shape helps kids get food out; durable.

Explora Active cups:
Don’t leak any water when closed.
Bad: Sometimes you get a splash from the straw when opening.

Explora Cutlery Set:
Good: Miss S can handle them with no trouble;  good looking.

Till next time.


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  • I can’t decide if this idea is brilliant or just no. Probs brilliant… x

    • Demos Karkazis

      Just try it and tell me you are not laughing and having the kids eating everything. It like living a Willy Wonka dream.

  • There is a huge part of me (THE OCD anal retentive clean freak part) that is all just nooooooo I couldnt, but then the inner kid in me is all BRING IT ON lol xx

    • Demos Karkazis

      You know I was hesitate at first to do it. I did have help cleaning up so it was fine for me :)

  • Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t think I would ever be brave enough to do this with my kids but it looks like lots of fun!

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