Football breakfast or footy eggs

Football breakfast or Footy eggs.

I have noticed in all my years that one thing seems to be the same no matter where you go. When you have a soft-boiled egg you eat it with toast cut into soldiers. Why? What do soldiers have to do with eggs? I’m sure the reason they are called soldiers is to do with them standing tall and strong, and nothing to do with them getting dropped into a gooey mess, only to be chewed up once they are pulled free. Why can’t it be more about the egg-shape when you have egg with soldiers?

Making of the ground
This is how you make a great footy field.

I put it to you the idea that instead of eating “eggs with toast soldiers” we change it to “Footy Eggs”.

I moved to Melbourne years ago on the last Wednesday in September, or as any Melbournian will refer to it: Finals week! I would have thought that sports crazed Melbourne would have come across this long ago and changed the toast from “soldiers” into “Posts!” That’s right Footy posts.

Fields of green.
Footy Posts!

If you think about it, you cut the toast in half and then halve those halves length way again, to end up with four tall bits of toast. The two outside ones being shorter than the inside ones… al la AFL football posts!

Egg union
If you are a union type of family.

I have never seen it in any Café, not even around finals time. What a missed opportunity they could label it a special football breakfast  describing it:
Footy Eggs:
A Football shaped soft boiled egg served with footy posts toast covered in lush green avocado “grass”.

Enjoying footy eggs
Mr F enjoying his fields of green.

If you wanted you could add your clubs colours or get a club plate, you would be supporting your boys to win. It may even become part of your families footy finals tradition having Footy Eggs for breakfast the morning of the finals.

A dirt feild.
Mr A not so keen on Avorcardo.

Why has no one thought of this before? Cutting your toast makes footy posts it’s so obvious.

I figured that it does not just apply to AFL, I mean Rugby union would be better suited as their ball is white with two post up either end of the field, works with Soccer (international football) as well if you half two of the long post to make four short pieces and two long pieces setting up goals at either end of the plate.

Footy for young people.
Never to young. One year olds into it.
Come on Football fans what are you waiting for? Start eating Footy eggs now!

Till next time.


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  • Haha love it! It does make sense!

    • Demos Karkazis

      Thanks. I know why oh why has this not happened before?