Top 5 Reasons Why Dads Need to Barbecue

I know there are many reasons why a Man should Barbecue (BBQ). Little clean up, having a beer while cooking, show off mad chef skill; but for this list I have tried to be more Dad friendly; I have Daddified the BBQ! I hope this will help wives out there to understand how very important a learning tool barbecuing can be for kids. Starting with my number five and working the way up to the number one of the Top Five Reasons Why Dads Need to Barbecue:

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Photo by Wilson Hui.

5) Preparation time. It is very important to prepare your food as well as your BBQ. Without marinating, the food on a BBQ can only taste great; come on, anything on a barbecue tastes great but with marinating it tastes Awesome! I have had a gas Webber for years, It’s just beautiful how well the flavours are enhanced with the right marinade and prep work on the BBQ. Allowing enough time to heat the BBQ to the right temperature, scrubbing off any leftover bits that you hastily forgot last time you used it. Marinating the food  hours before to create a taste explosion in your mouth. It all adds up to making an even more yummy BBQ.

What does this teach? Patience. You need to wait for things to become great.

Whether you are flat plate or grilled; an open air or closed lid oven; gas, wood or coal type of guy; us Dads need to use the BBQ to teach important life lessons.

4) Eating. I can hear you asking “How is this even in the top five reasons why?” It’s simple; food is the nourishment of life, the energy giver. Mainly it’s the reward for doing the work of preparing the food and the BBQ.

Not a hard one here but Work hard get rewarded.

Photo by Neeta Lind
Photo by Neeta Lind

3) The Tong Master. You may not use this term or have even heard the name before, but never, and I mean NEVER touch another man’s tongs without his permission. Yes, it sounds sorted, I know. Plain and simple, it’s about respect and responsibility; I sound like Mr Miyagi right now, Karate Kid style. I first heard the term years ago from my brother. Whomever the BBQ belongs to has spent hours testing it and getting it right. It’s like having an old car only you really know. He is the Tong Master. He is responsible for it, whether it be having enough gas or coal, or cleaning it properly before use, whatever it may be.

This is a big one and it is really important to teach kids to Be responsible for your own things.

2) Get Outdoors. What could be manlier than to be one with nature? Kids seem to want to be in front of a device or the TV more these days, especially when it’s nice outside. With that and the lifestyle change of living on smaller blocks of land or in apartments, getting kids outside as much as possible seems very important to me. You can use the time to bond or, if they don’t want to ‘help’, then ‘supervise’ them playing as you cook the food.

Reconnecting with nature teaches kids that there is a world outside.

burnt meat by Felix Montino
Photo by Felix Montino

1) It Is Dangerous. Yes this is my number one reason why Dads should BBQ: danger. Seriously, what man does not like taking risks? It’s in our DNA. We are hard-wired to take risks. This is a good thing for us to pass on to our offspring; not the taking risk part but respecting the danger. Both of my boys know not to get too close to the BBQ as they will get burnt. Not from first hand experience but from being taught and being shown that you may not always see a visible sign of danger. Mainly, for a Dad, it’s having a little bit of extra danger while you do something domestic like cooking lunch or dinner. It helps to remind us that we are men.

Teach the kids that things can be dangerous even if they don’t look like it.

How do you Barbecue? Do you let your kids get involved?

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