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Is Beetroot the New Cure For High Blood Pressure? – Dad Day In review

This is not a sponsored post, however Beet It provided BKLK with 2 x 70ml bottles of product to dad-test.

So, in case you missed my New Year’s Resolution post, I was diagnosed with almost-hypertension late last year. For those of you not in the know (aka. Me) hypertension is the fancy medical term for dangerously high blood pressure that significantly increases the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Fun times.

I jumped into Google-research to find out how not to die. Within days I was exercising at the local gym twice a week, cutting salt and sugar out of my diet (which only lasted until Christmas… I really need to man up and fight that addiction again), and increasing my vegetable consumption. Anything to help me to avoid having to take medication for the rest of my life.

The funky peeps from Beet It recently got in contact to tell me that their organic beetroot juice could help me even more. They provided a study, conducted at the Queen Mary University of London and using Beet It products, that has found that hypertensive patients who drank 250ml of beetroot juice a day significantly lowered their blood pressure. Almost to the level achieved by some medicines.

Am I sceptical? Yes. How could it be so easy? But the notes on the study seem to suggest that this really could be the case. And I’m willing to take a chance seeing as the only side-effect they discovered was that your pee and poo will turn pink. Rainbow toilet!

So, here I go, throwing back one of the Beet It Organic Beetroot Shot bottles. It’s 70ml of juice that has a hit of nitrates. This isn’t nearly enough for my daily dose, but it’s a good way to test out the flavour. And on one, two, three…

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BKLK_83_beet it_when a hard earned thirst needs a hard earned beetroot juice_is beetroot the new alternative cure for high blood pressure_hypertension_diet change

BKLK_83_the flavour hit_not sure of the taste_not good not bad_is beetroot the new alternative cure for high blood pressure_hypertension_diet change

BKLK_83_looks like I was punched in the mouth_is beetroot the new alternative cure for high blood pressure_hypertension_diet change

Um. I don’t know how to explain it. It was… weird. Not bad weird, and kind of familiar, but it did leave my saliva glands twitching. Could be the 2% of lemon juice at work.

And my mouth looks like I just told Rocky that Adrian is a woman of the night.

Gotta say that if tingly cheeks means that I could avoid a lifetime of medication, then tingle me up, baby! Just add this to the exercise and (slightly) better diet.

BKLK_83_thumbs up_is beetroot the new alternative cure for high blood pressure_hypertension_diet change

Thank you to the Beet It team for brining this info to my attention, and giving me the opportunity to try out your beetroot shots.

IMPORTANT NOTE!: I do want to make it clear to anyone who is in my situation that pre-packaged juice is not your only option. Although the medical study used Beet It juice, you can freshly juice your own beetroot (something I’m about to look into. Phenom-A-Mum has mentioned something called the Bullet blender or some such) or eat approximately 200g of cooked beetroot. Let’s be honest, roast beetroot is AWESOME!

Additionally I’ve done some quick research to find that whilst beetroot is very high in nitrate, there are also other vegetables that will help to introduce nitrate into your diet. Carrots, fennel, lettuce and cabbage are just a few, so it looks like my famous Dave Coleslaw is actually a wonder drug! I wonder if I should start marketing it as the next big thing?

One critically important tip: nitrate is water soluble, so make sure that you either eat the veggies raw, juiced, lightly steamed or roasted. Boiling will ruin all of your plans.

I’m going to give this a bash and see if it helps. And maybe I’ll be able to start pink-peeing on canvases, and become an art virtuoso recognised only after I die (a long time from now)!

For further info you can refer to the media release on the study (download by clicking the link):

Queen Mary University of London Original Media Release

Or you can delve into the medical details by reading the original research article (download by clicking the link):
Beetroot and blood pressure – Hypertension 2015

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