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How Arcade Block helps me be a better Dad: September 2014sdf

I’ve got a major Nerd problem. One income family, no money, and a serious collection addiction.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined your collector’s obsession for all things video game, with the risky thrill of a lucky dip? The answer is #ARCADE BLOCK!

nerd block arcade block september 2014 video game mystery box

And I have just received the very first edition released. Wet-my-moon-knight-undies-excited! Seriously, it comes in a box printed to look like a NES console. That’s attention to nerdy detail. The only problem is… how do I sell this to Phenom-A-Mum? I’m a stay at home dad, we’re living on a single income and have cut back all unecessary expenses. But I want my Arcade Block!

BKLK_31_Arcade Block_Nerd Block_Nintendo Entertainment System NES concole_classic retro video game box

I know. All I need to do is make use of everything in the box in my everyday parenting. A brilliant and wife-proof plan. So here we go; this is how Arcade Block makes me a better Dad!

Item 1: Legend of Zelda T-shirt

BKLK_31_Legend of Zelda Link t shirt t-shirt_Ocarina of Time_Hero of Time_Nintendo NES classic retro video game RPG_Arcade Block_September 2014

I LOVE this shirt. Huge Zelda fan. Am a little giddy.

Um, okay. Gotta sell it as a parenting tool. How about Link as a role model for Little E to be an adventurer with a sword who dies every five minutes before having to restart the level? No. Stupid.

BKLK_31_Legend of Zelda Link hero of Time tshirt t-shirt t shirt as baby spit up snot booger spew vomit catcher bib_Dad + Nerd

Got it. It’s an 8-bit inspired kiddy booger catcher!

Item 2: Tomb Raider bust

BKLK_31_Tomb Raider Lara Croft figure collectible bust_playstation 4_blood dust paint_gun arrow bow axe-breasts_arcade Block_Spetember 2014Lara Croft will always be legendary in gaming circles but, boy, has she changed since the pyramid-breasted days of the Playstation 1. This realistic rendering seems to be covered in blood and mud, with a dangerous look in her eye. Will look cool on a collectibles shelf.

BKLK_31_Tomb Raider Lara Croft bust figure collectible_academic study of neolithic anatomy_booby_breast_Dad + Nerd

In parenting speak though, I’ll tell Phenom-A-Mum that it’s… an anatomically correct mannequin of Neolithic woman. If they had invented guns and brassieres before 10,000 BC.

Item 3: Pac-Man motion pen

BKLK_31_Pac-Man_Pac Man motion pen_ghosts chasing Pac Man_Arcade Block_September 2014

I think this is my favourite item in the box! Tilt the pen and Pac-Man is chased by the ghosts, until you turn the pen upside down, and now he chases them. It’s like playing the arcade machine, without actually playing.

BKLK_31_Pac-Man motion pen meets Newton Law of physics_apple falling from tree_drawing on fridge for kids_Dad + Nerd

Parenting terminology: The pen is a handheld physics demonstration that teaches how gravity works. And it’s a pen. So Little E can write with it. Which is totally academic.

Item 4: Super Mario key chain

BKLK_31_Super Mario Bros NES nintendo glassic platform video game backpack key chain novelty toy_Arcade Block_September 2014

You can’t go wrong with Mario. Everyone loves this crazy plumber! Glad that I didn’t get one of the lame-o characters like the little mushroom man. Mind you, I bet red spot covered mushrooms would be a trip and a half, you know, if you ate him.

Would that be cannibalism because he has a face? Or just vegan? No worry though as they clearly don’t have the death penalty in Mushroom Land, or Bowser wouldn’t be eternally kidnapping the Princess.

BKLK_31_Super Mario NES Nintendo backpack key chain as dummy holder for baby toddler_Dad + Nerd

Parenting terminology: Dummy holder! Just loop the dummy through the keychain, and pop it in a button hole.

Item 5: Tetris ice cube tray

BKLK_31_Tetris ice cube tray_silicone kitchen freezer novelty_Nintendo NES classic puzzle game_Arcade Block_Spetember 2014

This has been delivered at the perfect time. Sunny days are starting and we are going to be having some crazy tetris fun at the weekend barbecues.

BKLK_31_Tetris ice cube tray NES puzzle game novelty summer_big thumbs up_awesome_Dad + Nerd

I don’t even have to bother trying to lie, I mean repurpose, this. It’s a jigsaw puzzle. Inherently educational. And he’ll learn about the medical phenomena of the ice-cream headache! Why does it go away when you press your tongue on the roof of your mouth?

Item 6: Gears of War 3 cog (dog) tags

BKLK_31_Gears or War 3 Cog Tages necklace medallion_Arcade Block_September 2014

I’m too much of a retro gamer to even know what this is about. I’ll save time and just give it to the opportunity shop.

BKLK_31_Gears of War 3 Cog Tags_Playstaion X Box_in the bin waste trash discard throw out_Dad + Nerd

Wahey! That was easier than I thought. I’m pretty good at making up complete malarkey. Maybe I should have gone into politics.

Now when Phenom-A-Mum finds all these new collectibles around the house, I can whip out my prepared cover story and quickly find Little E and pretend to be educating him. He better not touch them though. They’re collectible!

[Photographs by Marianna Hawkins]

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