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Take the Kids to Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015: A Dad’s Experience

Today is the last day of Oz Comic Con in Melbourne – I highly recommend it as a tops day out with the kids. Sydney and Brisbane dads will get the chance in September.

If you’ve read this blog before, it’ll come as no surprise that I’ve been to a comic convention before. Okay, a few. Alright, perhaps I was one of the mini-geeks queueing back at the earliest Oz Comic Cons back in Sydney in the 90’s. Getting signatures from amazing artists and writers, perusing musty boxes of comics, and grabbing as much free stuff as possible. But I never realised how much fun they can really be.

Not until I became a Dad.

The wonderful peeps at Oz Comic Con gave Demos and I the opportunity to take the kids along to the Melbourne convention today (you can see what I was looking forward to in my Top 5 post) and I was a tad concerned about taking a two year-old into this craziness. How was Little E going to handle it?

Let me show you:

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_boy with Spider Man Deadpool and Black Cat cosplay artists_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy blogger

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_donating to Star Wars Storm Trooper for Monash Children's Hospital appeal_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy blogger

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_boy lifting Thor's hammer Mjolnir_Marvel stand photo opp_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy blogger

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_Avengers Iron Man Hulkbuster armour_3m tall statue replica_dads and their boys admiring_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy blogger


He just ran from one mind-meltingly colourful thing to another and stared in awe at all of the amazing-looking cosplayers. Being two and cute also managed to net him free stuff as we wandered around. See that Guardians of the Galaxy hat he’s wearing? Score. The flashing Darth Vader pendant? Score. The Captain America costumed Minion stuffed toy? Score.

No free stuff for un-cute old dad.

His favourite thing of all was this 7 foot tall AMAZING Chewbacca cosplayer who not only looked like the real thing but was only speaking in Wookie language (aka. growls)! They exchanged a number of high fives and pleased the surrounding crowd with their interaction (lots of laughs and “awwwww”s).

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_insaney amazing Star Wars Chewbacca chewie cosplayer costume and little boy fan_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy bloggerI had to drag Little E away. He would have happily stood staring at Chewbacca for hours.

A HUGE shout out has to go the spectacular volunteers who were manning the family activity area. This is a fun, activity-filled space for kids to get away from the crowded chaos of the rest of the convention and the volunteers went above and beyond playing with all of the costumed munchkins and making sure that they had a great time.

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_awesome family activity rest area_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy blogger

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_face painting a Captain America shield on boys arm_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy blogger

Little E chose to have a Captain America shield painted on his arm instead of a traditional face-paint because the lovely face-painter had the same on her arm. He showed it to me again before he went sleep tonight; that’s how much he loves his faux-tattoo.

Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_cool Captain America Marvel shield painted on boys arm_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy blogger

The activity area has giant Connect-4, skittles, board games, colouring-in books, face-painting, giant chess, oversized Lego bricks and more fun things to keep the tiny troops entertained.Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015_spider man operation board game_Big Kid Little Kid_aussie australian daddy bloggerI have to give the Family Activity Area a stellar 5 stars rating, as Little E had us hang out there for over an hour. The kudos has to go to the volunteers who were interacting with him and allowing us dads a few minutes to rest!

I didn’t do anything that I would normally have done at the convention. No panels or Q&As, no workshops or comic shopping. I just watched my mini-me have his mind blown again and again as this world of imagination washed over him.

Best con ever.

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  • These pics are too cool to troll! I can’t think of one mean thing to say except to bang on about how jealous I am!

    • David Hawkins

      Ha ha! That may be the worst trolling ever attempted Amy but thanks for trying! I feel more included already.
      The Con was awesome and I really didn’t expect my 2 year-old to have as much fun as he did. Hours of staring open-mouthed at everything!

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    I think I would have wanted to stay and stare at Chewy for hours. I’d also want to know how he kept his hair in such good condition and tangle free… Looks like you and Little E had a brilliant day. Might have to take my tornadoes along next year when it’s back in Perth.