Top 5 Reasons Dads Should Go To Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2015

Top 5 Reasons Dads Want To Take The Family to Oz Comic Con

Every dad is a Big Kid at heart, so what better place to regress into a parent-sized child than at Oz Comic Con 2015? Are you a video gamer? Comic addict? Collectables nut? Trekkie or¬†Whovian? If you haven’t been before then you’re in for a treat. I am geeking out enormously!

Demos and I will be heading down to the event at Melbourne this weekend but, if you live in Sydney or Brisbane, you can check out all of the fun in September 2015.

And it’s a family friendly event that’s worth taking the whole household along to because they’ll have just as much fun as you. I’m taking Little E for the first time this year; he doesn’t know to be excited yet but I can’t wait until he sees the cool nerdy craziness that is in store for him!

Here are the Top 5 reasons for Dads to take the family to Oz Comic Con:

5. Learn How To Etch-A-Sketch Like A Pro

Etch A Sketch_classic drawing toy game_learn how to at Oz Comic Con 2015 Melbourne

Hands up if you ever managed to draw anything more impressive than a version of your own name that looked as though you’d had one hand stuck in the meat grinder? I can see two people. Freaks.

Well the rest of us can learn how! Seriously, I’m not the only excited one am I? Show your kids what we had instead of iPads and learn the coolest new party skill at the same time.

4. Be A Marvel Hero


Confession time: I am a mad Avengers fan. And not one of these pimply-faced film buff nerds who think that Iron Man created Ultron (heresy I tells ya) but an original pimply-faced comic geek who discovered a lifelong passion for all things Marvel after he read an Avengers comic book. Why did they make Hawkeye so lame-o in the movies?

I’m going to go a little bit FREAKIN’ MENTAL CASE when I get to the Marvel stand because I can try to life Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, take a photo beside a 3.3m Hulkbuster armour and dress up as Iron man for a hero showdown.


3. One word. Batmobile.

Batmobile_1960 tv show Batman_red and back

Someone made their own Batmobile, and not the weird techno-army-sci-fi version from the new Nolan films but the super-slick classic from the 1960’s Batman TV show. It has wings and a jet engine!

I’m hoping that they let you hop in for a photograph. It’s time to track down a Batman costume for Little E, just so that he looks extra cool in this pic!

2. You can meet Bruce Campbell

Meet Bruce Campbell at Oz Comic Con 2015 Melbourne_Evil Dead_ Sam Raimi friend_Spider Man

If you don’t know who Bruce Campbell is then you’re probably not the kind of person who would’ve read this far. So to the rest of us who are actually reading this, right now, as I type it… we can meet BRUCE CAMPBELL!

The Evil Dead 1, 2 & 3, Darkman, Spider-Man, My Name Is Bruce, Bubba Ho-Tep and that Burn Notice tv series. Who else has been king of the big screen for longer than Bruce Campbell? I need to come up with a cool question to ask him that doesn’t come off as too stalker-creepy.

“Can I have your spleen?”

1. Kids having a blast

Kids in cosplay costume fun_Indiana Jones_Joker_Batman_Transformers_Lego at Oz Comic Con 2015 Melbourne

No one understands your geek-out passions like your kids, probably because of the years of evil indoctrination that you’ve put them through. Imagine how thrilled they’ll be getting to share the excitement with their Dad, and be a part of something that’s important to you.

Costumes are the most fun when you’re a mini-munchkin so make sure to help them glam up as your favourite comic/game/TV/movie character. They might even win a prize in the Kids Cosplay competition.

I’ll see all of you crazy dads there!

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David Hawkins

Half nerd, all Dad & Founder of Big Kid Little Kid, the go-to blog for Awesome Dads. David is on a personal mission to become a more awesome dad to his two sons and teach them all the facets of being a major nerd. NES-off anybody?
  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    You will have an absolute blast – I hope you, Demos and Little E have a geektastic day! I’d be heading straight for the Marvel stand. Fully agree that Hawkeye was so lame-o in the movies (but he made up for it by being easy on the eye). Have you seen the Hawkeye song Jeremy Renner did on Jimmy Fallon where Hawkeye sings about his lesser known powers? You Tube it – it’s hilarious :)

    • David Hawkins

      It was AWESOME Tash! Little E had the best time of his life! Not only was awestruck by every single thing he saw but he was also pined over by every young lady we met (“Aw, he’s so cute”) and ended up getting a whole stash of free things. No one gave me free things!
      I’m going to check out that video, sounds excellent.