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This Week’s Surprise Item: Bamboo Trellis – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

Hello Monday! It’s time to find out how crafty CleverPatch can be as they challenge me with a new craft item.

This week’s CleverPatch surprise item is…

Bamboo Trellis
(click here to check it out on the CleverPatch website).

BKLK_59_bamboo trellis_for the garden hanging plants vines_tomoatoes, beans, peas, zuchinni_CleverPatch weekly surprise item_DIY Dad Challenge

Huh? What is that? Not fair! You can’t just give me a bunch of sticks.

CleverPatch bamboo trellis in the garden

Oh, I see. It’s for the garden. Okay, that’s pretty cool.

Phenom-A-Mum will be rapt! She has just planted our new year’s veggies and there’s a tomato plant and some bean shoots that will find a new home on this trellis. I love fresh veg from the garden. There is nothing like spending an hour drowning snails and chasing earwigs around the kitchen before you can get to the actual cooking. Yep, organic sure is best!

But what to do with it dad-wise?

Last week’s Jurassic Park Toy Car (click here to check it out!) was straight forward to work out.  Car shaped remote control holder = car shaped geek-something. But this is a mountain of sticks wired together. Maybe it could be a 3D portrait of some really thin people. Or someone with big braces on their teeth.

Hrmm. This is going to take some planning. At least I get to spend some time out in the sunshine this week!

See you Friday for the big reveal of… whatever I manage to work out for this bamboo trellis.

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