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Next Week’s Surprise Item: Wooden Clock Making Kit – CleverPatch DIY Dad Challenge

A slight change to your regularly programmed dad-craft; I’ve been out sick for most of last week, and now doing the interstate family visit over Easter. Which means that I’ll not be back at the old dad-work table in time for this week’s reveal.

So! Here’s the crafty surprise item, but check back Friday week to find out what the heck I managed to turn it into.

This week’s CleverPatch surprise items are…

Wooden Clock Making Kit
(click here to check it out on the CleverPatch website).

Wooden Clock Making Kit_DIY_CleverPatch

Sweet! I wonder if I can somehow engineer this clock kit into a hovercar….

If not I’ll need to turn it into a clock that has something extra special for Little E. His very own Cogsworth (the clock-dude from Disney’s Beauty & The Beast) perhaps? Or the Hill Valley Court House from Back To The Future?

So many excellent clocks in geek culture to choose from! See you in a fortnight.

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David Hawkins

Half nerd, all Dad & Founder of Big Kid Little Kid, the go-to blog for Awesome Dads. David is on a personal mission to become a more awesome dad to his two sons and teach them all the facets of being a major nerd. NES-off anybody?
  • Karen Wasson

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well Dave, but please, please do Cogsworth, that would be AMAZING! You have powers to make him talk and walk right??

    • David Hawkins

      And sing Karen! Wait till you see the AI-controlled candelabra that may bring about a Terminator-style end of humanity. And you’ll be able to blame it all on dad-craft.

  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    My vote is for the old school rocket ship clock from Play School! Best of luck with the challenge. Hope you had a great Easter break and are feeling better.