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CleverDIY review – kids craft monthly subscription box

It’s been a long time since I got my dad-craft on and poor Little E has been missing our arty explorations the past months. The juggle of newborn, new work and the chaos of having two kids now has not been kind to getting creative. Luckily those spectacular folk from CleverPatch have come up with a BRILLIANT idea to make it easy for me to get crafty with Little E.

BKLK_102_what is in the box_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeMeet the CleverDIY box – a new art explosion every month, delivered straight to your door!

The crazy CleverPatch team sent BKLK a sample box so that we could let you know what we think. And we think it is AWESOME!

CleverDIY kids craft box

BKLK_102_wooden boat car train rocket models_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeI am a mega nerd Dad (in case you’re new to this here blog) and I’ve been ordering monthly subscription boxes for a while now, though my usual fare is a delivery of geektastic collectibles that Little E is not allowed anywhere near. Action figures are NOT for kids, dammit!

So receiving a boxful of crafty items was not only a different experience but a very exciting one. It was time for my son to have a subscription box just for him. And, to match his vehicular obsessions, this month’s theme for the box was ‘Transport’.

Wanna know what was inside? You can check out our totally cool UNBOXING VIDEO right here:

But for those of you who need to know right now :

  • wooden car
  • wooden rocket
  • wooden sailing boat
  • wooden aeroplane
  • wooden train shaped photo frame
  • 2 x paint pot sets
  • paintbrush
  • permanent marker
  • glue
  • glitter
  • thread

That is a lot! I was expecting a single activity but there are 5 completely separate arty things to do. A week’s worth of daily fun perhaps?

[An important note: CleverDIY suggests that the activity boxes are designed for ages 5-12. I’m going to roadtest it on Little E who is only 3]

BKLK_102_ready to get messy_paint & glitter_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeThe CleverDIY box contains everything your little kid needs to add magic arty colour and dazzle to the wooden models. Paint, brush, glue, pen, sparkly glitter and even thread so that you can hang the masterpieces up on display. And to help with the creative chaos that will ensue, they also include this very handy Messy Mat:

BKLK_102_included mess mat_Your mess goes here_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeLittle E was very focused on getting that aeroplane ready for take off; it was a battle to get through the unboxing video filming! Mind you, I was super dad-impressed at how he worked out how to assemble the plane without any parental assistance. Proud dad!

BKLK_102_pieces for aeroplane model_MDF shapes_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeHe grabbed straight hold of the three pieces and got to jamming them together.

BKLK_102_three year old pushing wing into aeroplane model body_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeI’ve gotta say that the components are sturdy and stood up to toddler force as he pushed with all of his strength to get that main wing through the little hole.

BKLK_102_inserting the aeroplane model tail_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeOnce the plane had acquired a three-dimensional existence he grabbed the paintbrush and politely urged me to open the paint pots. “Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy. Paint. Paint!” It’s weird; every time he really wants something his speech devolves to cave-toddler.

BKLK_102_paint brush in the blue paint_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeI tried to inspire him to express himself with a world of colours but, no. It was blue all the way.

BKLK_102_painting the aeroplane MDF model blue paint_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeIt’s been so long since I’ve gotten crafty with Little E that I hadn’t realised the enormous strides he has taken in his mini-person development. No longer did he hold the brush like a baseball bat and flick paint to the end zone (I may have mixed my American sports metaphors there. That’s why geeks avoid that kind of reference); it was coordination, coverage and concentration. By the end of 10 minutes he had a bright blue plane that we left to dry for half an hour before attacking it with glue and glitter. I’m glad that we had the Messy Mat as it contained that damn glitter stuff from spreading (multiplying) – I don’t like glitter. Each time we use it I end up sparkling from head to toe and it really hurts when it gets in your eye.

BKLK_102_young artist at work_CleverDIY monthly subscription box_Nov 2015_dad review_transport themeBoth of us had a blast with our first project out of the CleverDIY box and can’t wait to get into the four other vehicular activities. Now, I know that I’ve done a lot of dad-craft posts with CleverPatch and readers may claim bias but I honestly think that this is a great concept. Kids creative entertainment delivered direct to your door for $24.90 each month. If you’re as lacking in spare time as I am at the moment then this could be a great way to get rid of the organising issues and just get straight into quality time with your kids.

The CleverDIY subscription starts in January 2016. Find out everything you need to know by visiting the CleverDIY website. Just click here!

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  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    Ah glitter – enemy of parents yet adored by kids! Miss T would be in heaven with a box of goodies like this. She went from being a 4 year old mildly interested in colouring, to a craft obsessed 5 year old. It’s all about creating now – these boxes are a fab idea.

    • David Hawkins

      Might be worth having a chat with them Tash as a year’s subscription of these would be a cool present to buy a kid, though expensive so perhaps a gift from a few people together. Bloody glitter.