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Dreambaby® netting product launch. REVIEW

This is not a paid post, however BKLK was given product for the purpose of this review.

It’s official I am so over all this cold weather. It’s time for some warmer days so we can spend some time: in the garden or at the park or even under a tree. The only thing that drives me nuts about the hot weather is the insects. Those pesky flying buggers. I started scratching as I was writing about them, did you? Where was I… oh yes, the thing I hate about the hot weather; next to sweating while sitting in the shade as it’s the hottest hour, day, week on recorded yet again, (yes I’m on my soap box) climate change really sucks, and so do the insects! Am I the only one slapping the flies/mosquitos away when there is a group of us? Anyway, I was sent something from Dreambaby® the other day to try out, for the little ones.


I did try this out but quickly came to the realisation that my “little ones” are to big for this as the little Miss S was just grabbing it and trying to eat it, wear it as a cape. Dave, I think I will send this to you for your little dude. The netting is nice and soft and as soon as I realised that it was not going to stay anywhere useful for long with the almost two year old grabbing it, I thought, “How to dad this up”.

It’s netting, its soft, light and strong.

What better netting to make a butterfly catcher with? I have this crazy thought in my head of wearing a safari suit and walking around our garden (botanical weed collection as I am now calling it) with the netting, trying my luck at catching butterflies…then I realised I have seen a whole of three butterflies in our yard, this entire year.

If you have little ones or big ones who are in the need of some butterfly chasing fun, or alternatively protection from insects, check out the Dreambaby® web site at They have three sizes to choose from and the price ranges from $12.95

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If that rocks your boat become a Dreambaby® fan:

Check out DreambabyTV on You Tube:

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