Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016

Oz Comic Con 2016 – Family Fun in Melbourne

Not sure what to do tomorrow to keep the kids busy and have some fun yourself? You could take a trip to the annual Oz Comic Con convention that it happening this weekend at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, just like my family did today!

BKLK_106_Kid Iron Man light saber contest with Star Wars cosplayers_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016

There is so much crazy colour and buzz that your mini munchkins will be agog for hours. Little E dressed up in his Iron Man costume (thanks to a cool Avengers showbag from last year’s Melbourne Show) and Little L slipped on a groovy Spider-Man t-shirt to join all of the spectacular Cosplayers and their amazing costumes.

BKLK_106_Amazing Up movie Pixar cosplay costume_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016

The family that came as characters from the Pixar movie “Up” were our favourite – simple but brilliantly executed! Little E, however, was fascinated by the giant “robots”

BKLK_106_Kid Iron Man meets Cylons from Battlestar Galactica_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016I decided not try to explain what a Cylon was; end of humanity stories should probably wait until he’s at least four years old.

There is a wide mix of expensive-looking bought costumes and the brilliant home-created ones. These Cylons were homemade if you can believe it due to how realistic they are! And the lights in their eye-slots zipped back and forward just like in the classic TV show. Golden!

Our kids weren’t the only ones excited by the phenomenal costumes:

BKLK_106_Halo cosplay costume_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016

We only saw a couple of scary costumes this year but loads of very kid-friendly ones, worn by people who loved the opportunity to pose for a photo with dribbly-excited children. Our friends’ daughters almost melted when they met their favourite Disney princesses, Jasmine (from Aladdin) and Belle (from beauty & the Beast), and got not only a photo-op but a big cuddle from their idols [insert ear-splitting squeal of happiness here].

BKLK_106_Police tape dress costume_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016

I love the ingenuity of the cosplayers. Crime scene tape as a dress? Brilliant!

BKLK_106_Kid Iron Man meets metal Iron man sculptures_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016If you’ve got some cash to spare then there are a hundred stands for you to peruse and purchase every kind of Geekified product imaginable. Phenom-A-Mum had to lock my credit card in a portable safe so that we wouldn’t risk losing our house when I go shopping-mad with all of the figures and comics and statues and art!

BKLK_106_Family Activity Area Spiderman Operation game_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016

But the BEST part of the convention for those Geeks with kids is the Family Activity Area, a chill out and play zone for the little ‘uns. All parents know that every child has a good-behaviour limit, no matter how much coolness is around them so the Family zone is a place to come and let the children play with oversized chess and Connect Four, geek-themed board games or just relax and colour-in.

It’s also a great place for us parents to get a breather from the crowds and craziness. In fact, I brought our lunches in to the Activity Area so that we wouldn’t have to sit amongst the hordes, jammed into the small tables available near the food vendors.

On top of the shopping, costumed characters and chill-out zone, you can partake in the usual convention fare; celebrity guests, workshops and Q&A panels. You could pay for autographs from or a photo with one of the stars from your favourite TV show or movie. This year you’ll find actors from i Zombie, Lord of the Rings, Arrow, Stargate: Atlantis, Grimm, The 100 and Terminator 2. There are also areas to play video games, board and card games, a laser tag arena and anime playing non-stop.

I’m very glad we went to Oz Comic Con today but not just because the whole family had mountains of fun. I’m also in the good books because a certain Whovian (my wife, Phenom-A-Mum) got a photo in front of the Tardis!

BKLK_106_Very happy wife and the Tardsi_Dr Who geek_Whovian_Oz Comic Con Melbourne 2016

Click here to visit the Oz Comic Con website for more information and to buy tickets.

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David Hawkins

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  • Rebecca Costa

    Great review of oz comic con. Glad you all had lots of fun and your pictures are amazing. We were there too and had a great day too. I got a 3D make up done while teenage son bet a gaming student at a pc game they had at their stall for their gaming design school. And great to catch up with comic book artists we’ve met in the past.

    • David Hawkins

      Thanks for reading Rebecca and thrilled that you had as much fun as we did! I don’t post much these days (who knew two kids would be that much more time-consuming than one?!?!?!) but I had to share the brilliant time that the four of us has just in case any parents were looking for something to do on the Sunday.
      3D make-up sounds tops, I must have missed that amongst the chaos. There were so many phenomenal artists in Artist Alley and I wanted to buy all of their work.