Hiccupopotamus is a wonderfully written children’s book by the author B.C. Dee. Upon first reading I could tell this book was written by someone much smarter than me. His use of the English language in this book is eloquent and poetic. I thoroughly enjoyed his story of a baby hippo that gets the hiccups. The book follows this hippo as he goes to animal after animal in search of a cure for his hiccuping condition.

I read this first to myself before I read it to my son. After the first few pages I wondered if the poetry style writing might confuse or go over the head of my son, who is a few weeks shy of four. However I was quickly proven wrong. While reading it out loud to my son, he seemed entranced by the words and the well illustrated pictures. At the end of nearly every page when the hippo was unable to be cured of his hiccups, I could my son mutter “no that didn’t work.”

CheetahThe illustrations on each page were beautifully drawn and painted with well-chosen water colors by artist Naman Dave. I think the pictures were my favorite part of the book, not just because I am drawn to pretty things, but because I loved the simple and colorful illustrations.

The true test of a well written children’s book is how well it is received by the intended audience. This definitely passed that test. I asked my son what he thought about the book after reading, and he told me “it’s really cool.”  I than proceeded to ask him what his favorite part of the book was, to which he answered “The cheetah part and the lion, oh and the elephant.” So I’m pretty sure it made an impression.

Overall I was impressed by this book. B.C. Dee didn’t need to dumb it down with simple sentences or small words and I think my son really responded to that. I recommend The Hiccupopotamas to any parent of young kids. It well written, well illustrated and overall a fun read!

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Ryan Gonzalez

I am the father of two very normal, very hyper children. I strive everyday to be the father they deserve. Sometimes I exceed my own expectations and other times I fail miserably. But every morning is another chance to get it right.