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The thing about yetis: book review.

This is not a paid post, however BKLK was given product for the purpose of this review.

I have to say that I felt like it was already Christmas when I opened the parcel and found this lovely hard-covered book inside. My three little Yetis (can I steal that term?) wanted to see what I had gotten. Once they saw it was a beautifully illustrated book, they started asking: “Can you read it? Please?” After I got Mr A off of me I told them “not until after dinner”. Well, needless to say, dinner was eaten quickly that night – I was just as excited by the picture on the front cover as my kids were. Here it is: The Thing About Yetis: book review.

What better way to review a kids book than with actual kids? So I climbed onto the couch after dinner and all three little Yetis climbed up on to me and the couch, waiting for me to read this new book. Not only  was this book new to me but also it’s illustrator/author Vin Vogel (this is his debut picture book as both illustrator and author). I have never read any of the books he has illustrated.

New book_Vin Vogel_thethingaboutyetis

I read though the book with all three kids and, no sooner had I finished, then Mr A asked me to read it again. I found that I had to read it a third time before I could get all my little ones to let me put it down.

The thing about this story is, well, it’s about Yetis. What’s not to like? Honestly, the great illustrations and the simply fun nature of the writing makes it easy to read (yes, more than once in a row). It’s all about how much Yetis love winter – I mean have you ever heard of one hanging out in the Australian outback? It’s a great look at how you can feel about three-quarters of the way though winter (or summer for that matter) when you think it’s never going to end and what to do about it. Just read this book and you will know.

Yeti ImageOn sale now from Penguin Young readers Publishers $16.99. Recommended for 3 years and up.



Till next time.

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