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No More Socks – Xmas Gifts for Dad 2015: Mighty Mug

Christmas is a time for giving. Giving toys and chocolate and computer games to the kids, giving jewellery and holidays to Mum and giving socks to Dad. WTF? At what point did it become okay to gift boring underwear at xmas? Fathers are often on the receiving end of some pretty shoddy Christmas presents and I’ve been guilty of buying my dad some shockers over the years. But NO MORE!

Welcome to the first BKLK ‘What To Buy Dad For Xmas’ series.

And we’re starting with a prezzie that has been bought for many dads across the decades – a coffee mug. WHAT? How can that be the first must-buy for a dad? A regular old mug o’ joe?

Have faith true believers! The Awesome Dads here at Big Kid Little Kid would never lead you astray because this coffee mug is so mind-bending that we had to get our hands on one right away… and I don’t even drink coffee.


Mighty_Mug_being punched

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It’s a cup that can survive the random reaching toddler hand or flying Frisbee and stay upright. And it holds almost half a litre of liquid-y goodness! Be wowed by it’s reality defying coolness as it keeps your coffee warm, your soft drink cold and also works as a travel mug that fits in your car’s cup-holder.


It only works on smooth, flat surfaces so don’t go placing your mug down on a tablecloth or on top of your paperwork because it will revert back to a regular spill-able cup.

Seriously, WOW! This mug literally hangs onto a flat surface so that you can’t spill it. And as a man who is rather uncoordinated I can say that this comes in handy. I’ve actually lived through those sitcom-esque moments where I’ve just completed hours of paperwork and then spilled a cup of hot choc all over it. Scream-ville.

Mighty mug_powered by smart gripThe Mighty Mugs futuristically hold onto surfaces via the fancily titled ‘SmartGrip’ which seems to be an no-fuss vacuum system. Once you place the mug down the airlock grips the surface and won’t shift sideways easily. But lift the mug upwards and it raises as if it was never stuck to begin with; seriously mind-meltingly cool!

mightymug_colour range

Mighty Mug comes in lots of different colours so that you can pick just the right one to suit your dad. Is he Donatello purple, Raphael red or Shredder grey?

If you want something less travel coffee looking then there’s also a funky ‘Ice’ model for you smoothie lovers:

Mighty Mug Ice smoothie cups

And there is a more stylin’ version to integrate with your work life called ‘Desk':

Mighty Mug desk coffee cup

There is one important note to make: Mighty Mug only works on flat, smooth surfaces. If you place it on anything that is uneven or not smooth, like my weathered wooden outdoor setting, it will topple over with a normal old bump – “Timber!”.

Give this to your Dad for Christmas and watch him battle to look thankful for yet another coffee cup. Then pop it on the bench, bump into and watch his mind blow.
[Bump doesn’t mean punch. If you punch it the mug will fly across the room and make a nice hole in the plaster, which will also blow your Dad’s mind but in more of a try-not-to-kill-my-kid kinda way.]


But what if your dad isn’t a coffee drinker? Then take a gander at the brand new Mighty Mug Bar Ware range. The same sucker but on the bottom of a fancy booze holder. Whiskey, beer, wine? Everything except a shot glass!

Big Kid Little Kid gives you the big DAD THUMBS UP if you want to give your old man one of these for Christmas.

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Big Kid Little Kid received a complimentary product to use in this review however all opinions are those of the reviewer and are an honest representation of his road test of the product.

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  • Tash from Gift Grapevine

    It’s the mug of the future (or “mug of next Tuesday” if you’re in to Ren and Stimpy references!). There’s some clever people out there. I hate to think of the number of times I’ve spilt my drink , especially with the tornadoes around, so this would do the trick nicely. Now all they need to do is design a picnic version that sticks to grass!

    • David Hawkins

      Love a Ren & Stimpy reference! Phenom-A-Mum has already stolen the review mug I was sent. I think she’s had the same kid-spillage incidents that you’ve had Tash.