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Dad Vs Dyson Cool Fan – Video Review

Writing review posts is a weird thing. I find myself caught between wanting to be completely honest to all seven of you amazing readers out there, and not wanting to hurt the feelings of the really lovely people who send me the free thing to dad-test (welcome to my brain).

For this reason I tend to only accept things to review that I’m likely to be in favour of, and are relevant to this here dad blog. So when Dyson asked if I wanted to check out one of their fans, I was going to say no; I love a hot summer and don’t use fans very often. Phenom-A-Mum had a different opinion on that, “What do you mean you’re not getting it? Are you crazy? Our fan is a piece of rusted junk that is probably going to cut off Little E’s fingers!”.

So I said yes.

And boy am I glad I listened to my wife for once, because this little piece of alien future sci-fi tech is AWESOME! Here’s my completely serious, totally professional video review:

Video dad-review of a Dyson Cool Desk Fan

Congratulations for making it to the end of that… and my apologies. I tend to go a little nuts, and mentally-revert 20 years, around anything that gets me excited (including Phenom-A-Mum).

How about a proper review of the:

Dyson Cool Range – Desk Fan

Dyson Cool Range_desk fans_black, white and blue

There are lots of very cool (nerdy) facts about the fan that begin to explain why it costs more than the $7 bladed job from Big W:

  • $74 million investment in inventing the bladeless technology (I can’t even fathom that much cash! It’s Scrooge McDuck volume).
  • 65 engineers worked to develop the fans.
  • It’s made of the same material as Lego. That’s right LEGO! All Dyson needs to do is add some connector-nodules around the edge of this fan and then it would be a kids dream – cool summer lego fun!

As a dad, there is one factor that matters most. It’s the only fan I’ve seen that is safe to use around my toddler.

How often have I had to stop Little E from sticking his fingers into the spinning blades of a regular fan? I’ve lost count (probably about the same number of times that Phenom-A-Mum has stopped me from doing it too). Since we’ve had the Dyson Cool fan my stress levels across summer have plummeted. A bladeless fan that you can put your hand into without worry? Awesome.

Instead of blades, this fan sucks air in at the bottom and pushes it out of a thin vent, around the circular top. It feels like any other fan, but has a ten-level power setting so that you can have just the right amount of air flow.

How the Dyson Cool desk fan works_internal view_mechanics

On top of that, this fan seems to actually cool a room rather than just move air around. It may sound really weird but it happens! We found that the whole room would gradually cool, without any air conditioner, in a way that our old fan didn’t do.

This is starting to sound like a marketing pitch, but I don’t mean it to. I just really dig this darn fan! It’s also extremely quiet. When it’s on the lowest power setting you can barely hear it and, for the first time ever, Little E allowed us to leave it in his room overnight. Normally he asks us to turn fans off because he can’t go to sleep, and ends up in a puddle of sweat. Did I mention that it’s got a sleep-timer on the remote control? Did I mention the remote?

And I can’t forget the best thing about this Dyson Cool Fan – it looks like it fell out of a spaceship! (Not because it’s all crushed and warped from a thousand mile fall, but because it’s all futuristic). Even the remote sticks to it magnetically and I’m guilty of a few quiet moments pretending I’m Magneto from the X-Men movies. So, changing subject… I am digging the sci-fi aesthetic and we get lots of comments from guests. Lots.

Okay! Sales pitch over. Here are the old Dad summaries:


No blades means safer for kids. It’s quiet and cools the air. There’s a sweet remote control so you can stay on the couch when you adjust the levels. It looks freakin’ COOL!


It’s expensive; rrp is $449 in Australia.

Would I buy it?

Not going to lie to you, I’m currently up-in-the-air on this. I LOVE this fan but totally understand people finding the price too high. Phenom-A-Mum argues, however, that it’s a lot cheaper than an air conditioner and does a similar job. Which does make sense.

dyson-air-multiplier_cool range fans_three models

I may be having to make this actual decision soon, as I’m wanting to get one of the tall versions of the Dyson Cool fan so that I can create a brand new game called Paper Ball; you have to try to get a ball of scrunched up paper through the hoop, which is blowing a gale at you. Hilarious!

This is not a paid post, however BKLK was gifted product for the purposes of this review. All views and any completely nutsoid antics are my own.
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David Hawkins

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  • Haha you crack me up but I do really love your reviews – products I’d never thought of before! We are pretty spoilt with all our air cons (our last place didn’t have any decent cooling nor the one before that – I jumped at the chance to splurge on never being a sweaty mess again haha), but I do know so many people who would benefit from fans like that in their situations!

    • Thanks Kez! I had a blast making the vid and spent an entire night giggling at myself while I edited it :)
      Air con sounds very fancy! Look at you living the 1% lifestyle! I’m all about the heat and love a good summer sweat, but this fan is totally kick ass. A little piece of the future in my living room!
      Thanks for reading!

  • Hilarious!! I’d buy it just from that video!! x

    • David Hawkins

      Thanks Robyn! It was fun to make.