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No More Socks – Xmas Gifts for Dad 2015: Yamaha Portable Speaker

This is not a paid review. BKLK returned the product after the review.


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 What do I want for Christmas this year? I don’t really have a list; that would have been helpful.
As luck would have it, Yamaha has asked if we would like to review it’s Portable Octagonal Speaker PDX-B11. This has come at the most opportune time. Recently, Mr A has taken to singing REALLY loudly. Even if I sit outside on a nice day, with him behind double glazed windows, the peace is ruined. It wouldn’t be so bad if he was punching out some Wolfmother but, alas, he is more like those contestants on The Voice or Eurovision as he belts out “Let it go” from Frozen, Barnesy style.

Let’s see if this Yamaha speaker can combat his dulcet shouting and make it onto my last minute xmas wishlist.

This speaker is pretty cool looking, like a hybrid between a giant bee hive and the old iMac tower with the bright coloured back. I could definitely picture it next to my BBQ while I cook something Dad style (aka. burnt to a crisp). It could serenade me as I scrub the hotplates or, bugger all of that cleaning up, I could just sit under a tree, looking into the heavens, thinking about how quiet life was before Frozen came into our lives.
 After, opening the box to review its contents, I checked it to see how many batteries I would need to find to make it work. Yes, that’s right. It can be truly portable by running off 6 x AA batteries or you can plug it in and use the power of Grayskull (I mean AC power).

Time to get the music playing!

There are a couple of ways to input sound. For my test I’m trying out the Bluetooth option. Turn the computer’s Bluetooth “on”, press one button on top of the speaker and… Done! Easy. I’m on a Mac so I opened iTunes and started playing music – I was worried that I might need to download something but nope, no software. Nothing. GREAT!
Hmmm, lets see how it connects to my iPhone…  just as easy!
The real test of how good this is will be if I can drown out “Let it go“. So, using the batteries, I move into the back yard. I close the double-glazed door behind me and turn up the volume.
I have to admit that I was hesitant at first as I thought that there is no way that this would beat Mr A. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it did the job of drowning out the chaos and it sounds a lot better than the neighbourhood hoon’s stereo, which is bass only.
Next up, I took it for a walk to see how far away from the Mac I could get before it lost signal. I covered our little back yard with it just breaking up which is about 7 Meters away, though brick wall and a couple of kitchen walls as well. Not bad.
I forgot to mention that when I first picked it up I was surprised at how light it was. I was expecting it to be heavier. So this speaker really is as portable as the name suggests. It would be easy to take with you somewhere like the beach, park or just out into the yard. Sound wise it has good dynamic range. The bass was good for the size though it did lose a little quality on the higher notes, but I was not worried as it has a full sound. At around half the price of some other speakers that size on the market, definitely more portable and much easier to set up than some others, I have not heard better for that value.

6b3839f479Coming in at under $150 and a choice of colours: Blue, Orange, Grey or Black.

Would I want one for Christmas? Hint, hint Wonder-Wife… YES!


Yamaha, with BKLK, is giving you the chance to win one (1) PDX-B11 speaker. We are looking for the most creative answer to this question, in 25 words or less:
“How would having a Yamaha PDX-B11 Portable Octagonal Speaker help you be a better Dad/Parent?”

To enter, write your answer in the comments section below. Entry closes midnight Friday 18th December 2015

Our highly qualified team at BKLK (Ok, Dave and I) will announce the winner on Monday 21st December 2015. The judge’s decision is final (see terms and conditions below).

Till next time,
Survive and Good luck


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  • Jason Rogers

    I’d be able to use the portable Yamaha speaker to be the bedroom DJ for my daughter’s impromptu dance parties she holds with her toys.

  • milkofats

    I’d not have to scream at the kids to tone it down with their Banana’s in PJ’s, When my Ac/DC drown’s them out

  • Jason Arnold

    Winning this speaker would help me give my son a better understanding of music, and how it has helped shape his parents lives.

  • Rebecca Thomsen

    I would use it to blast out the showtunes and Barry Manilow, that should annoy the neighbour hoons with oomph oomph music!

  • Jade o

    Forget whatever YouTube star the kids are listening to these days, time for some good old Led Zeppelin and Cold Chisel for my little ones!

  • Steve

    Hopefully it will drown out the constance moaning of my kids. Making me a happier dad… happy dad easy life

  • Isn’t it obvious? He can connect it to his phone and listen to the cricket while entertaining the kids outside. Everyone wins!

  • Melissa Arieslaylanemo Wilkes

    It would bring me inner peace, If I have a little me time listening to anything “BUT” Frozen I can be a great parent..amazing even. If I leave this at the toilet door I might even get to do this body function with out interruption (or unable to hear the knocking on the door because I have it at full volume) :)

  • SJD

    I imagine we could use it to record a bunch of ‘parent’ sayings like ‘eat your dinner’, ‘do your homework’, ‘get up for school’ etc and just have it play on repeat until the kids did as they were told – letting our jaws relax!!

  • Sarahmary92

    I’d be the king of the campsite with a portable yamaha speaker! The kids would love requesting songs for Dj Daddy

  • Louise

    He could extend singing during the car journey to singing during the whole trip, the kids aren’t quite embarrassed enough 😀

  • I’d be a better parent by giving my kids more of a musical education whether they want it or not- no more Katy Perry!

  • Dave

    It would help me to be a better dad by actually caving to my girls wants and allowing them to listen to their Taylor Swifts and Ed Sheerans in their rooms instead of my Slayer and Metallica. They may have no taste but at least they will be happy.

  • Tam

    I would love to win this for hubby
    So he can send the kids to the cubby
    There they will play
    Hopefully all day
    While we both relax with a stubby.

  • Adam Clements

    I would give it to Kid to put in her room. So she can dance on the bed in her underwear. Like I used to do. Still do sometimes :)

  • CityGirlMelb

    we can do language lessons anywhere

  • Bet Hogan

    I could actually say I didnt hear my wife when its up loud, so Im not actually ignoring her!!

  • Fi Raw

    Lots more impromptu dance sessions with the kids..in the house or out and about!

  • Tim

    Whilst I really want to say ‘it would drown out the old cheese and kisses’ I’d probably end up in the dog house (the Yamaha might make it more homely?) so I’ll say I want to win one so that I can put on some tunes, strut around in my budgie smugglers and embarrass the hell out of my teenagers!!!

  • Nicholas Cooper

    So that I can play the wiggles wirelessly for my son without leaving the kitchen, getting off the couch or toilet.

  • Paula Harris

    So I could crank up Hot Line Bling and dance with my grandson….who is 17 months old and has better moves than Drake lololol

  • amandagorton

    There are sound benefits in keeping up with modern day music trends, rather then relate to the kids as a parent I can relate as a friend

  • Mark Sempf

    I spend a month away at a time with work…Getting back to the kids and dancing with them anywhere sounds pretty great to me.