Family Home Holiday: Day one

Family home holiday: Day one:
So day one of our holiday and it's not really what we had originally planned for our family home holiday.  It started with an "everyday" activity, taking the boys to swimming lessons; then out to country Victoria for lunch in a town called Garfield, meeting the interstate … Continue Reading ››

Family Home Holiday: Prep Time

Twas the night before family home holiday, when all though the house, nothing stirred not even a mouse (Miss S). Wonder-wife and I were watching a recording on T.V. about families slowing down. As I was busy making our "to do" list, (a "How to cram as much stuff into one day" if I may). Whatever you call it, the irony … Continue Reading ››

No More Socks – Xmas Gifts for Dad 2015: Braven BRV-X Weatherproof Speaker

This is not a paid review. BKLK returned the product after the review.
There's barely a week left before the Christmas present giving deadline and I've got a failsafe for all of you last minute shoppers (like me) who are looking for that awesome gift to give the dad in your life. The super lovely … Continue Reading ››

Geomag Colour: Christmas Toy Review 2015

This is not a paid post. BKLK received this product for review purposes.
I'm the kind of dad who buys extremely non-educational presents for my boys at Christmas and birthdays, mainly because I'm buying them the toys I'd like to have! I've FINALLY got the Buzz Lightyear action figure that I always wanted... well, Little E … Continue Reading ››

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