Ten Pin Blowing – Toddler Activities for Dads

Discover the coolest version of Bowling to be accidentally discovered by a sneeze! A handful of tiny figures and some deep breaths are all you need for a simple and fun indoors rainy-day game. Well, maybe throw in some tic-tacs to ensure a bad breath free play field!

Top 10 Advice for the Pre-parent Me

Yesterday I overheard a 20-something sharing their wisdom about how a friend should be raising their child, and it made me laugh. Don't you love it when people without kids educate you on what you are doing wrong? I think that I used to be that guy. What a douche! Being a stay-at-home-Dad doesn't really allow the space for conquering … Continue Reading ››

TMNT Mutagen Sensory Box – Toddler Activities for Dads

I had a blast with last week's 8-bit icon stamps, and so did Little E. Nerd-ing it up made it awesome fun for both of us. The net is filled with mum-style ideas for kids, but it's a little sparse on anything that will excite Dads too. So here's my answer to the question you never … Continue Reading ››

Retro Video Game Paint Stamps – Toddler Activities for Dads

Okay. So far I suck at being a Better Dad. For the past few weeks I have pretty much let the old routine control me.  Though I don't think that my pampered and fancily-fed wife is complaining. So, today marks my BIG first attempt. I'm going to try to research a new fun activity each week that Little E … Continue Reading ››

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