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Pom-pom Judy Hopps Doll – Spotlight Zootopia Craft

Why is it that when a fella tells people that he is making pom-poms, other blokes get uncomfortable and question his manhood? When are people going to publicly admit that everyone, and I mean  EVERYONE, loves a good pom-pom? It's been a long time between dad-crafts but here I am, back with a cool Zootopia craft … Continue Reading ››

Cardboard Box Maze – Spring & Summer Fun: Dad+DIY

Spring is here! But what are you going to do with the kids now that they're running around like Energiser bunnies and going mental? It turns out that dangling them from the hills hoist and getting the dog to spin them around for hours is frowned upon (at least, that's what the police told me). We're going to … Continue Reading ››

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas Tree: AKA. Ghostbuster-izing your xmas

You know when something starts out as a great idea? I lay all of the blame on Alex from the brilliant www.dadrites.com, when he posted this imagination inspiring photo. dadtites_Snowman A freakin' Snowman-costumed christmas tree! That's awesome-tacular! Alex is so … Continue Reading ››

Elephant Ear Animal Costume Headband: Kids Birthday Party Ideas – Crafty Dad

What could be more fun than having a real baby elephant at your kids’ birthday party? Having lots of pretend ones instead! Okay, so maybe not more fun but definitely less poo to clean up at the end of the day. Hrmm… toddlers. Maybe not.

Here is a cool animal costume headpiece that I conceived for Little E’s 2nd birthday party. It was supposed to be part of an elephant-themed version of Simon Says, but the kiddlywinks put that idea in the trash. At least they thought the headbands were cool.

The Dad, the kids’ birthday party and the potential for disaster – The Aftermath

(You can read D-Day by clicking here) From what Phenom-A-Mum tells me,  we had a party at our house yesterday. A party for a two-year old. I may have blacked out. All I can remember is: I was the Party-Food-GOD. Granted, it … Continue Reading ››

The Dad, the kids’ birthday party and the potential for disaster – Day Six

(You can read Day Five by clicking here) Today is officially Dad-on-his-own-Day! Phenom-A-Mum headed away this morning on her business trip, leaving yours truly in charge of her baby boy's once-in-a-lifetime second birthday party. It's just me against the world. Well, … Continue Reading ››