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Geomag Colour: Christmas Toy Review 2015

This is not a paid post. BKLK received this product for review purposes.
I'm the kind of dad who buys extremely non-educational presents for my boys at Christmas and birthdays, mainly because I'm buying them the toys I'd like to have! I've FINALLY got the Buzz Lightyear action figure that I always wanted... well, Little E … Continue Reading ››

Myer Giftorium 2015 Review: Dad in a shop

So it turns out that it's nearly Christmas already. How the hell did that happen? I blinked for a moment at Easter and the whole bloomin' year has evaporated! Honestly, I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for a lovely invite that the family and I received, to head on into the big smoke and … Continue Reading ››

Merry Christmas from Big Kid Little Kid!

It has been a brilliant first year for us working-towards-being-Awesome Dads. We discovered what blogging is (a very weird world indeed), shared our personal shame with half of the planet (that means you) and took some big steps to spending more quality time with our kids. But none of this would have meant anything without having all of … Continue Reading ››

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Christmas Tree: AKA. Ghostbuster-izing your xmas

You know when something starts out as a great idea? I lay all of the blame on Alex from the brilliant www.dadrites.com, when he posted this imagination inspiring photo. dadtites_Snowman A freakin' Snowman-costumed christmas tree! That's awesome-tacular! Alex is so … Continue Reading ››

Toddler art cookie jar: homemade presents by your kids – Activities for Dads

Do you need a quick awesome present for Christmas Day? But it's already Christmas Eve? You crazy peeps you! Luckily Little E and I have something easy to make, that will be loved by anyone you give it to. Check out our TODDLER ART COOKIE JAR! BKLK_46_one hungry boy son child carrying … <a href=Continue Reading ››